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Published by: Vishnu Desu on Aug 08, 2012
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Madura Garments – Marketing Branded Men’s Wear In India

Group 4

Madura Garments, a division of Indian Rayon Industries Ltd, has observed a potential in Indian market.

Decides to enter in to the market

Believed that the segment is slated to grow in the near future as the customers are becoming more “personal image/fashion conscious”

has three divisions:• Madura Garments (ready to wear clothing) • Coats India (threads division) • Madura Textiles (fabric supplier) . growth of readymade men’s wear business in India was very slow.Till 1980’s. India is the 1st entrants in this segment. Mid-1980’s : customer mindset changes due to • Increased urbanization • Changes in social and economic values • Lifestyles • Increase in purchasing power • Proliferation of Indian middle class Market evolved into three broad segment • Premium • Mid-priced • Economy Madura Coats.

Louis Philip (king of France) Peter England (specifies inherent meaning) Brand name strategies Van Heusen (refers to Van Heusen Family Tree) Allen Solly (means a placket face set on inside garment) .

major players began experimenting in packaging. found limited number of customer in premium segment Move to mid-priced segment . patronage and loyalty Later.Increased Competition Earlier. distribution & mass advertising activities Helps to generate consumer interest.

MG vs Competitors Raymond • One of the leading competitor of MG • Park Avenue occupied the top position in the premium segment in 2002 Bombay Dyeing Zodiac • Vivaldi was positioned as a mass market • Clubbed with bed-sheets & towel that make its performance down • Merge with Proline. start selling through retail stores • One of the oldest brand positioned in the premium segment • Posted an annual growth of 10% till late 1990’s • Turnover of Rs 700 million in 2001 alone .

Allen Solly Shirts: Rs 695-Rs 1295 .Van Heusen • Premium quality ready to wear shirts & trousers • Tagline : “Underlying Your Presence” • Positioned : Classic British Corporal • Premium smart casual wear • Tagline :”Friday Dressing” • Positioned : Casual American Attitude 1989. Louis Philip Shirts Rs 900 – Rs 1400 1991.Shirts: Rs 1050 onwards Trousers : Rs 1100 onwards • Launched as a premium designer • Tagline : “The Upper Crest” • Positioned : Stylized European wear 1990.

Arvind Mills . Peter England • Launch in mid-priced segment • Positioned as “Honest Shirt” • Shirt: Rs 345.• Launching ‘Arrow’ • Positioned as Premium men’s wear segment 1997.Rs 445 & Trousers: Rs 645 – Rs 745 1993.

Peter England Spending Rs 13 million in 1997 in advertising Perceived as having an international appearance with targeting young executives Relied on existing distribution network Sold 2 million shirt worth Rs 700 – Rs 900 million within one year Other competitors entered in mid-priced segment .

Indus League • Launched three brands named Indigo Nation. Elements .• Launched wrinkle free. soft touch Feb 1999 1999. non-iron Peter England shirts with Rs 525 onwards • Draws Huge criticism 1999. Scullers and Ironwood • Price starts from Rs 500 onwards • Positioned Mid priced segments • Priced between Rs 395495 • Over 70 designs such as enzyme wash.

• Spiritus. exclusively for knitwear and socks Late 1999 Late 1999 . sub-brand of Louis Phillip • Positioned as High Premium casual wear • Price Range Rs 745 Rs1500 Late 1999 • San Frisco. offer only trousers • Positioned as Mid-priced segment • Price Range: Rs 595 – Rs 995 • ByFord.

2000 • Expands its other knitwear products in other three brands like Louis Phillip.• Plans to open chain of retail outlets • All Brands under one roof June.1999 Oct. 2000 . Allen Solly & Elements • Opens “Trouser Town” • Ranging from formals to casual wear • Price range: Rs 495 – Rs 1395 Oct.

Trouser Town Model “Amitabh Bachchan” Plan to expand in markets such as Bangadesh. UAE and Sri Lanka Conduct extensive market research Launched 3 more stores with exact fit. color. brand & price Targeted “young urban professionals” .

Tailor made suit maket 10% 30% 50% Wedding suits Corporate suits Other suits • Conducted a marketing research • Found there will be a growth from 10% to 30% per year by 2005 .

Mother’d ( under San Frisco) & Las Vegas ( under Allen Solly) • Stocked in Planet Fashion & other showroom Oct. Allen Solly • Lazer’d. another chain of retail stores • Operates the store in franchisee basis Oct. 2000 Late 2000 . 2000 • Enter into readymade suit • Launched under Van Heusen.• Opens Planet fashion.

2001 Dec.2001 • Shift of San Frisco from mid-price to high price segment • Goes for launching series of collection of innovative stretchable fabric • Launch Clubline (under Louis Phillip) • Positioned as exclusive evenings & club life • Replaced Spiritius brand March.• Extended Peter England brand to trousers • Range from formals to semi-formal • Price range from Rs 795 – Rs 999 May. 2001 .

2002 Late 2002 . 2002 • Ice Touch under Van Heusen • Abosorb moisture nine times faster by using ATN • MG sets up Ice Touch kiosks outside its showrooms • Launches Everfresh.• Launched “Mozart” summer spring collection • Woven with perforated fabrics to produce string effect • Expand in India & in international markets April. Satin Trousers (under Peter England) • Everfresh is manufactured by using Purista Technology. Dazzlers. control growth of odor causing bacteria April.

MG recorded a turnover of Rs 4 million Growth fell due to economic condition and volume of shirts also fell Stretched its portfolio & expand its retail chain .During 2001-2002.

Rs 1499 •WorldWear under Van Heusen that includes shirts.•New advertising campaign for Peter England •Catchline “Honestly Impressive” Late 2002 •ColorMax under Louis Phillip using special fabric •Priced between Rs1199. checks and diagonals Dec 2002 •Demand for large size garments •‘BigCollection’ under Allen Solly •Goes for advertisement using tagline ‘for those larger than life’ Late 2002 Late 2002 . shirts available in variety of designs in plains. trousers etc •Inferno.

Lazer’d and Mother’d priced between Rs 1095Rs 1395 per pair along with opening ‘SF Denim Lab stores’ to retail San Frisco jeans .In late 2002. MG entered into the jeans market under San Frisco brand by pulling out San Frisco range of formal trousers in order to make it a pure jeans brand Advertisement revolve around the theme ‘Be Game’ Conducted a research. reveals high awareness youth from 18-21 year old Launches 3 more collection namely Ice’d.

Allen Solly and Louis Phillip into accessories market • Different positioning for each brand. promotional drive at Planet Fashion • Huge selection of ties under brands like Louis Phillip.• Tie Festival. Allen Solly and Peter England Feb. 2003 • Taking Van Heusen. For example Van Heusen was positioned as “complete corporate brand” • Repositioning of ByFord into an institutional brand • From knitwear brand to customized T-shirt (polos) and jerseys • Turn it into wardrobe brand and the institutional foray Jan. 2003 June 2003 . Van Heusen.

In June 2003. MG announced that Peter England would add readymade suits to its portfolio Huge criticism follows Decides to reduce the price of the Peter England from Rs 345 onwards for expecting good returns .

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