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Thank you, and congratulations on your choice of the Roland ep-7. The ep-7 Digital Piano, designed to make it easier for more people to have fun with music, has firm roots in the same leading-edge technology and manufacturing know-how that has made Roland a leader in electronic musical instrument development. The ep-7 provides a selection of 5 realistic sounds (including piano) and offers a keyboard that is a pleasure to play. What's more, the instrument provides a complete range of features, including a convenient recording function. To make sure you are comfortable in using all the features the ep-7 offers, and to ensure satisfaction for years to come, please read this Owner's Manual in its entirety before starting out. © 1990 ROLAND CORP.
Unauthorized copy or transfer of this document by any means, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.

. (Can record a maximum ot 4 pieces. as well as tempo changes.) MASTER TUNING BUTTONS i Range: approx. OUTPUT DIMENSIONS . do not step on It. • Please be aware that the contents of memory may at times be lost. • Do not expose this unit to temperature extremes (eg.. place heavy objects on It etc. Ensure that the line voltage of your installation meets thls requlrement Avoid damaging the power cord. malfunction. alcohol or solvents of any kind to avoid the risk of discoloration and/or deformation.I. thinners. unplug the power cord. Strings) Chorus. KNOBS/SLIDERS Power Switch (POWER): 1 Tempo Adjustment Buttons (TTEMPO .3 Ibs (Without AC adaptor) 1700 rnA (DC 12 V) Damper Pedal. E. or approximately '. direct sunlight in an enclosed vehicle). or electric shock. be sure to wipe the unit thoroughly with soft' dry cloth.600 SPEAKERS . direct sunlight in an enclosed vehicle can deform or discolor the unit) or Install· It near devices that radiate heat Specifications KEYBOARD MAX. • Before using the unit in a foreign country. When disconnecting the AC adaptor from the outlet grasp the plug itself. To remove stubborn dirt. However.mportant Notes [Power Supply] • Be sure to use only the AC adaptor supplied with the unit Use of any other power adaptor could result in damage. use a mild neutral detergent Afterwards. • Should a malfunction occur (or if you suspect there is a problem) discontinue use immediately. Vibraphone..' 1-11/32"(0) 3-1S/16"(H) 76weighted 24 notes keys with touch-sensitivity. discontinue use immediately. {Maintenance] • For everyday cleaning wipe the unit with a soft dry cloth (or one that has been slightly dampened with waler). to avoid the unexpected loss of memory data. Please be aware that the actual ilfe of the battery will depend on the physical environment (especially temperature) in which the unit Is used. ORGAN. +/-50 cents x I :.. [Additional Precautions] • Protect the unit from strong Impact • Do not allow objects or liquids of any kind to penetrate the unit In the event of such an occurrence. Five (Plano. • a • • • • • [Memory Backup] • The unit contains a battery which maintains the contents of memory while the main power is off. MIDI Guidebook. . When making any connections with other devices. Contact qualified service personnel as soon as possible. it is strongly recommended Ihat you change the battery every 5 years. AC Adaptor. If the unit is to remain un used for a long period of time. POLYPHONY VOICES EFFECTS RECORDER : . • Using the unit near power amplifiers (or other equipment containing large transformers) may induce hum. Electric Piano. PIANO. ' ! Piece CONNECTORS! JACKS Selection Slider (PIECE): 1 AC Adaptor Jack (DC IN): 1 MIDI IN Connector: 1 MIDI OUT Connector: 1 Damper Pedal Jack (DAMPER): 1 Output Jacks (OUTPUT L(MONO)!R) Headphone Jacks (PHONES): 2 112 crrr 2 5W:2 1139(W) x 339(0) x 100(H) mm 3' B-27/32"(W) x. never pull on the cord. Do not use this unit on the same power circuit with any device that will generate line noise. such as a motor or variable lighting system. VIBRACONSUMPTION PHONE. STRINGS) SUPPLIED Chorus Button (CHORUS): 1 ACCESSORIES Reverb Button (REVERB): 1 OPTIONS Tuning Knob (TUNE): 1 Volume Control Slider (VOLUME): 1 ! 11 kg 24. • Naver use benzene. • This unit may interfere with radio and television reception. always tum off the power to all equipment first: this wilt help prevent damage or malfunction. The power supply required for this unit Is shown on its nameplate. Do not use this unit in the vicinity of such receivers. when the unit is sent for repairs or when by some chance a malfunction has occurred. Organ. Owner's Manual. When it is time to change the battery. consult with qualified service personnel. ): 2 WEIGHT Recording Button (REG): 1 Playback Button (PLAy): 1 POWER Voice Buttons (PIANO. Contact qualified service personnel as soon as possible. Music Stand. Avoid using or storing the unit in dusty or humid areas or areas that are subject to high levels of vibration. notes. The expected life of trus battery is 5 years or more. consult with qualified service personnel. Keyboard Stand EP-AK-2E Headphones RH-12!100 * Specifications and/or extemal appearance of this product are subject to change without notice. Reverb Provides for recording and playback. {Placement] • Do not subject the unit to temperature extremes (eg.

The Cord Hook convenientiy you to secure the AC adaptor cord.' (Use the DP-2 pedal) (The supplied AC Adaptor) I Listening to the Demo G) Press PIANO. PIANO E.-1---. PIANO VIBRAPHONE ORGAN STRINGS L.-----1! 1. plug" audio cables into the keyboard's Output jacks and plug the other ends into the Input Jacks on your sound system.. With sounds which maintain a constant volume 1---level. such as Strings and Pipe Organ. 00 OUT rD!J-. VOLUME • MAX ••••••••• The demonstration song will start playing. thus preven ting it tram accidently coming loose while the unit is being played. With the pedal depressed.-I ---' . Once all connections have been properly made. notes you play will continue sounding as long as the pedal is depressed. @ To stop playback of the demo... (The red indicator will light) It desired.l." ~~ O~7~2V~~~~ ~ ~ ~ • Cord Hook H- 1 allows n_~I_-. .. press the Power Switch to turn the unit on.L-------+--------These connectors are used when you wish to connect the ep-zto another MIDI-equipped device.II ! L-. press any Voice button. you can have your keyboard produce a more impressive sound by connec ting it with a stereo system or amplifier/speaker setup. make sure you have the power on your instrument turned off. To connect the units. ----------------+-------------. PIANO E "PIANO VIBRAPHONE ORGAN STRINGS MIN @Adjust the volume.Making the Connections/Powering Up Before making any connections.I _____J! L. For details please refer to the separate "MIDI Guidebook". use the keyboard's L (Mono) Output jack. . If the equipment you are going to use can only receive a monaural signal.. VIBRAPHONE and STRINGS simultaneously..-:r"'"N- @©@ ~Ai. notes will linger on atter being played.

.. Z != o J: ~o 1\ W a:: CO Q..:::: (]) o c t-2 c o => aJ z w 0 0~ ~ [)_ !l. uJ r? In z <{ (!J :> o a: 0: c c C\ r c e. !! . . n:I IX III V . :i:.0 :::.


(The indicator will go out) REC ..I. PIECE • The recording feature provides for a combined total (within all 4 pieces) of approximately 1.I 11.. and then listen to the playback whenever you like... Here you need to select the number of the piece that you are going to record.600 notes.The Recorder The Recorder allows you to capture what you play. ...----I---.. REC the indicator on the REG button goes out. will be faithfully recorded.. REC the REG button indicator will blink more rapidly. PIANO VIBRAPHONE ORGAN STRINGS ---oJ ) G)Select the voice you intend to use. @The ep-7 can accommodate four different pieces. • ..I . including such things as changing voices or pressing the Chorus and Reverb buttons..----. and the recording stops automatically._____. '* When • J 4 you are running out of space tor additional notes. (The red indicator will light) REG '* And if you continue to record. C R_e_co_r_di_n~g PIANO E. the recording will also start) '* When you reach the point where no more notes can be recorded... ® When you are finished. (The moment you begin playing. • 2 • I ~~~ I the red indicator on the REG button will start blinking. press the REG button agai n. @Start playing.--I -.1 .__[ • Everything you do while recording is in progress. REG ~ @Press the REG button.


___R_e_co_r_d_e_d_P_ie_c_e_s_ ••• ) CDSelect the piece you wish to erase. press the PLAY button.. (The indicator goes out) Should you want to stop playback at any time. you can play an accompaniment part (using any voice) while a recorded piece is being played back. 1. For example.. This conveniently allows you to create an ensemble effect... @Press the REC and PLAY buttons simultaneously: the piece will now be completely erased. Playback will begin.------1' Decreases • • e... the playback mode stops automatically. • PLAY 2 • 3 ._ l_o_E_rc_s_e_P_r_ev_i_o_us__:IY:. you could playa melody using STRINGS to accompany a recorded piano piece... the tempo reverts to that which the piece was originally recorded at ® Press the PLAY button. even though you are playing by yourself. • 4 . in a recorded performance cannot be changed When the end of the piece is reached.---I Increases -----' * When the power is turned off.C~ PIECE P_la~y_ba_c_k ) TEMPO G)Select the number of the piece you wish to hear. REC PLAY PIECE • • @ • 2 • ~ • 4 . (The green indicator will light) • If you desire. * Voices used afterward. (. "* If you wish to alter the playback tempo ..


" MIDI is a standard that was created to allow electronic musical instruments. used to receive MIDI messages: and a MIDI OUT connector. The MIDI feature makes possible applications such as below: • The notes you play on the ep-' can be relayed and sounded simultaneously equipped instruments or sound module [*1 l. cables need to be connected using these connectors. In appearance it is often box-like. . There is also the MT-100. MIDIDr a [*1) A sound module is a device which generates sound as a result of whatever information it receives at its MIOI IN connector. The PR-1oo Recorder is a representative example of a Roland sequencer. computers and other devices to communicate with each other.Roland e p· 7 DIGITAL PIANO MIDI GUIDEBOOK GUIDE MIDI MIDI-Leitfaden Read This If You Intend To Use MIDI To Join Your Keyboard With Other Electronic Instruments or Computers The term MIDI is an acronym for the "Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A device equippedwith MIDI is easily identified by the fact that it has one or more MIDI Connectors. The ep-7 has a MIDI IN connector. . which combines a sequencer and sound module in the same unit.Among Rolandproducts the MT-32 is probably the most well known. on other keyboard. • Everything you play on the ep-7 can be recorded into a sequencer [*2). In order to share performance information with other units. • The ep-' can be sounded under the control of another MIDI-equipped sequencer (*2]. (*2) A sequencer is a device whIch is capable of recording and playing back MIDI messages. from which it sends messages. The great majority of contemporary electronic instruments provide MIOI compatibility.

._- - r- @@@ ~'Wl'KR ~ {MONlll OCIN \2V~ 1700nA ~ 11-0-9 @ From this connector MIDI messages are transmitted.7 -MfOlOUT IN • Connecting a sequencer 80. connect a cable so it runs from here to the MIDI IN connector on the external device. or want to send the intermation describing what you play to a sequencer for recording. sold separately..) (Example Setups) • Connecting a sound module. (MSC-1S/25/50.. If you wish to havethe ep-7 be played as a result of messages sent by a MIDI sequencer or other external unit connect a cable so it runs from here to the MIDI OUT connector on the external device.. such as a sound module. such as the MT -32 80. J This connector is where MIDI messages are received... I In order to make the connections between the connectors on two units.7 90 f TKOOT$ Mllll} ) MT-100 . If you wish to use the ep-7 to play the sounds of another MIDI compatible unit.. you will need to have at least one MIDI Cable.7 MT-32 sequencer ~-----------+-l--------J • Connecting the MT-100 8P.

and Local is left at "ON" on the ep-7 . Sound is produced ON: Omni On OFF: Omni Off On Off b * Each time power is turned on. as explained below.the keyboard and the internal sound module are connected. b Soft Thru On@ I The reason the above occurs is because the keyboard's performance information reaches the sound source by means of two paths: CD The ep-Ts internal circuitry." With the cable connections between the ep-7 and the sequencer made as illustrated below. path CD can be disabled. Key pressed once. Since this situation is undesirable. wends from MIDI OUT a copy of everything received. yet note sounds twice. press the key lor either "On" or ·Off. This makes it convenient for times when you wish to check how a complete arrangement sounds. and the sequencer can be played back to hear a reproduction of of what you played. what you play can be recorded into the sequencer. The ordinary condition . This may cause the music to sound somewhat strange." LOCAL ON Ordinary condition . the instrument will be at "Off. LOCAL OFF Since there is no longer a connection between the keyboard and the internal sound module." . To do this the unit is set to "Local OFF". PIANO ~~ = "PIANO VIBRAPHONE I_5llL DAGAN STRINGS While holding these down. PIANO VIBRAPHONE I_5llL ORGAN STRINGS While holding lhase down. and can result in some notes being omitted." *This setting switches to Omni Off whenever selection ot a particular Receive channel is made.Omni' On/Off When set to "Ornni On"." Memory ON: Local On OFF: Local Off Take for example that "Soft Thru" on the sequencer is "ON". press the key for either "On" or "Off." In this case. which when ON.where path CD remains operative . . ® The "Soft Thru" teature on the sequencer. Sequencer ~~ E. when the keyboard is played no sound is produced. In a setup where the ep-7 is combined with a sequencer. Sequencer On b * Each time power is turned on this setting will always be at "ON. MIDI messages received on any of the channels will result in sound being produced.each note played will then sound twice.oca nf PIANO . the sequencer would usually be set at "Soft Thru ON. the ep-7 should be set at "Local referred to as "Local ON". With the ep-7 set to Omni On. when data is received from a sequencer or other device you will be able to hear all the performance data for all the channels played at the same time.

." While holding these down.Channel e ngt e MIDI communication takes place on separate channels (MIDI Channels). press the key corresponding to the desired channel: On: Off: Transmission and reception takes place No transmission or reception takes place On (9 * Each time power is turned on the instrument will always be at "On." An instrument sends out a Program Change whenever a change in the voice being used is made." They do not convey any further specifics about the voice.. Changes On and Off urnlng rensmissren Rec. the ep-7 no longer will transmit Program Change messages when its Voices are changed. The channel used by the transmitting unit must be matched with that used by the receiving unit Only then will sound be produced as expected. • In a setup where you wish to play the ep-7 and also have another MIDI-equipped instrument or sound module play the same notes. When off. For this reason.. The setting shown here allows you to turn off Program Change communication.PlANO VIBRAPHONE 1_9J/' ORGAN STRINGS While holding these down. Such numbers and what they mean in terms of specific voices can vary from instrument to instrument. Reverb or both. Setting the Channel Used for Transmission PIANO E.eption of Program' Program Change messages basically state something to this effect "A change has been made to. you first should set the channel used for reception on your external device to the same channel that you have the ep-7 set to use for transmission. 1 us . PIANO VIBFlAPHQNE ORGAN STRINGS PIANO Setting the Channel Used for Reception PIANO E. Also. • If using another MIDI keyboard as a master instrument. no change is made in its voices. for changes to the voice that it uses for that particular number. Moreover. if the ep-7 should receive Program Changes sent from another unit. you want a connected unit to always use a particular voice while you play using a variety of voices on the ep-z. you would need to set the channel used for reception on the ep-7 to the same channel that the master keyboard will be transmitting on. and you wish to have the ep-7 played by it.h". numbered from 1 through 16. such as "The voice to which a change has been made is named Piano.nn .. The Program Change is sent as a number which has been assigned to a certain voice. • When wishing to have a sequencer play the ep-7. (Please see the "Prooram Chanoa Number Chart"\ . press the key for either "On" or "Off. the unit defaults to "1 n as the r." * Each time power is turned on. it assigns individual numbers to every possible combination of a Voice plus Chorus. PIANO VIBRAPHONE ORGAN STRINGS ~~ E . you need to set the channel used for reception on the ep-? to the same channel that the recorded MIDI data is set to use. The ep-? considers a combination of two Voices selected together as a separate Voice with a unique Program Change number. the number such-and-such voice. When another device receives a Program Change message. . It should be so to "Off" if. ri fnr hnth transrnissicn and receotion. " Correspondence charts can be referred to beforehand to avoid such surprises. it is entirely possible that on the master keyboard you could change to "Piano" and yet another instrument would begin sounding using "Vibraphone. it will respond based on the number and what it means on that instrument .

When the setting shown below is switched to "Off. they will have no effect: sounds playing on the ep. Piano Piano-j. This conveniently allows you to have any connected sound generating units also playa piece you have recorded. press Ihe key for either "On" or HOff. 64) will no longer be transmitted when a pedal connected to the ep-7 is depressed." *Each time Dower is turned on this setunq will always * FAr. Piano-l-Srrings E. b be at uOH." Damper messages (Hold 1: Control Change No. Piano+ Vibraphone 40 E. Piano-s-Organ E. Also. PIANO E . Piano Piano-l-E." On Off On: Transmission takes place. Piano Piano+ E. nnwer is turned on this settino will always be at "On.7 will not be sustained.01 02 OJ 04 Piano Piano Piano Piano 05 E." On: Off: Transmission and reception takes place No transmission or reception takes place limp. Piano DB E. Piano+ Vibraphone 39 E. Plano-l-Organ (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Ch a rus + Reverb) (No EfTect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus+ Reverb) (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus+ Reverb) (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus-j-Reverb) (No Effect) (Chorus) 43 E.Piano+Strings Vibrllphone+Organ Vibraphune-j-Orgun Vibruphone-e-Organ Vibraphone-j-Orgun V ibraphone-l-Strings Vibraphone-j-Stri ngs (Reverb) (Chorus+Reverb) (No EfTect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus+ Reverb) (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus-e-Reverb) (No EfTect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus+ Reverb) (No EfTect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus-l-Reverb) Piano-l-Organ 30 Piano-l-Organ (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Ch orus + Reverb) (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus+Reverb) (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus+Rcverb) When the setting shown below is turned "On. Piano-s-Strings E. Piano-l-Strings E. 41 E.Piano 09 Vibraphone 10 Vibraphone Vibraphone 12 Vibraphone 13 Organ 14 Organ 15 Organ 16 Organ 17 Strings 18 Strings 19 Strings 20 Strings II (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus+ Reverb) (No Effect) (Chorus) (Reverb) (Chorus-j-Reverb) (No EfTect) (Chorus) (Reverb) {Chorus-l-Reverb) 31 32 Piano-l-Organ Piano-j-Organ 33 Piano +Stri ngs 34 Pinnc-l-Srrings 35 Pianc-j-Strings 36 Piano-l-Strings 37 E. Piano SO 51 52 53 26 27 28 29 Piano+ Piunc-lPiano+ Plano-l- Vibraphone Vibraphnne Vibraphone Vibraphone 54 55 Vibruphone-j-Strtngs 56 Vibraphone-j.E.PiANO VIBRAPHONE '>~ 1_SJlL' ORGAN STRINGS While holdmg these down. Plano-l-Organ 44 45 46 47 48 49 21 22 23 24 25 Piano-l-E." you get the performance information for your recordings to be transmitted from MIDI OUT while playback takes place. Piano+ Vibraphone 38 E.Stri rigs 57 Organ+Strings 58 Orgl1n+ Stri ngs 59 Organ-l-Strings 60 Organ-l-Sirings E. should any external device send Damper messages.h . Off: No transmission takes place.Piano 06 Ei Piano 07 E. Piano+ Vibraphone. Piano-j-Organ 42 E.

MONO o x Yes No . *2 21 .108 *2 21 . MONO OMNI OFF. * System Exclusive System Common System Real Time Aux Messages Song Pos SOng Sel Tune Clock Commands Local ON/OFF A.103 Note Number Velocity After Touch Pitch Bender ********* o v = 1x x x 64 *1 .c.LJIYlldJ .00 Function ••• Basic Channel Default Changed Remarks 1 1 . Poly Mode Default Messages Altered True Voice Note ON Note OFF Key's Ch's x ********* 28 ..ll Notes OFF Active Sense x x x x x x x x x x x x 0 Reset Notes x 0 0 0 x * 1 Can be set to 0 or x manually. POLY Mode 2: Mode 4: OMNI ON.108 *2 127 o v = 1- 127 127 o v= 1x x x x *1 Hold 1 Control Change "- 121 Prog Change x 0 1 (0 .107 (Strings is selected).59) ********* x.16 Mode 3 Omni Off. I~ I ~:::3V Model ep.16 Mode 3 Recognized Version : 1. POLY Mode 3: OMNI OFF._ • 21 .59 x Reset All Controllers True # * 1 (0 . Mode 1 : OMNI ON.59) 0.ld!IU Ui:HI::t rviar .7 MIDI Implementation Chart Transmitted i 1 .

J • Cor15ider ln5IaHll'lQ a rooftop teleVIsion antenna ¥>it" coaxial cable lead-ln between tIlE! snlenne and TV..7 .----------------------------------For Nordic Countries Apparatus containing Lithium batteries ADVARSEL! VARNING! lithiuntJalteri.TV Interlerenc:e t>tobIems" This booklel is available from tile U...4. Ille .. This equipment hBil been t. .. ~+ . pursuant \() Subpart J....t~~! ~. UBi"" ~-------------------------------------------------------------------ForCanada CLASS B NOTICE This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B limits for radio noise emissions set out in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department 01 Communications.tces usually reqUire Roland designated shielded I/O cebles...C" 20402. II II- (Gerlt Typ. of FCC noles. . • PlUg !he IIqutpmenl Into IlJ1 outI<!l Ihal is on a dllI. These de...a IIlat Ihe InterleJeflC8 ¥>innot oo::ur In a par1lculat insta~.S. • . ~:0..... 004-{l1J(H1(]345..aied and found to comply With the IimI1slor. Government Prinllng Oifloe. Operation with non. Howe"".oIes ere Cleslgnea to provide raasonabie prollidiPn against IIUdI a inlelletence In 8. 11necessBty.... .. Federel Communications Commission: 'How tD Identify and Resolve Radio . ExpiDsionsrisl\.. Bezelclvlung) . Se instruktioner i servicemanualen... D. For Roland devices. t drculi th!m the TV Dr radio. or tuses.. SIDc:k No. radio frequency energy... The equipment described in lhis manual generales and usa. It . ccrnlBC! the mantJfrroturer or dealer lor assistance... In sllict lICCOIllance WIlh Our instructions... Yoo may find helpful the following booklel prepBred by t. Name des HerstBUers/lmporteurs r--------------------------------------------------------------FortheUSA RADIO AND TELEVISION INTERFERENCE WARNING This eQuipment has been verified 10 comply with the limits lor 8 Class B computing device.. Inlet1erBm:e with radio and television reception.. og scm beskrevet j servicemanual. make certain the equipment and tIlE! radio or lelevlslon ael ore on circuits eentrolled by dlnersn! circutt breoke". of FCC Rules.. Riijahdysvaara Panslon saa vaihtaa ainoastaan Uthiumbatleri. you should consult !"Our dBaler or an e_"anced rsdiolieleV!slon technician it>' additional suggestions. Der Deutschen Bundespost wurde das Inverkehrbringen dieses Gerates angezeigt und die Berechtigung zur OberprOfung der Serie auf Einhaltung der Bestimmungen elngeraumt.. If " Is not tnsta~ed anti used property. the user i!! encou"'9ed 10 Iiy to CDrTed Ihe Inlerterence by the 10II0WIng meBSlJrl!: • Disconnect Dille' devices and !heir input/output cables one al B lime..... thells. If this equlpmenl does C8Uin!1Inlet1 nce 10 radio or t8levmon rroc:epllon.. If the Inlertarenee stops. . Clan B computing del'ice In aCCOldance ¥>iththe specifications In Subpart J. WhIc:t\ . alan amrnottimies..rtWKKI or non.. It InI!Y cau .tion... ruidentiallnstallation. daB der/die/das . Uthiurroatteri. . you can Iiy to COrrecl lila Interte ...Y!~.... M a bare skiftes av kvalirisert lekniker scm beskrevet i servicemanualen.... 01 Part 15. Washington. nge by one or more 01 the IDliowing measures. • Move the eQUipment larther away frem the TV or radio.. II your equipment does cause Interterenee to radio or television reception.... ADVARSEL! VAROITUSI Uthiumparisto. . It ~ t I II- f .~~~/. • . For non Roland devices.. Roland Corporation Osaka/Japan t. (ThaI is. .... funk-entstort lst.. in Obereinstimmung mil den Bestimmungen der ~ It Roland ep. . Is no guanmt." .... ~~~ (Amtsblatlverfugungl . • Move the eQUipment to I>f1" side or the other of tho TV or radio. ... Fare 1m ekspjotion. These n. . Eksplosionsfare..------------------------------------------------------------------ForVVeruGerrnany Bescheini 9 ung des Herstellers/lmporteurs Hierm!t wird bescheinigt. CLASSE B AVIS Cel apparel! nurneriqua ne depasse pas las limites de la classa B au niveau des emissions de bruits radloslactriques fixes dans Ie Reglemenl des signaux parasites par Ie rnlnlstere canadien des Communications. . you can oblaln !he ptOpI!r shielded cable from your <laaler. K Is caused by either the other device or "" I/O cable.. .. Far endast bylas av behorig servicelekniker... . can be dele<mined by Iuming the equlpmenl on end off. Udskiftning 1M kun foretages af en sagkyndig...~ .. . of Part 15. • TUm the TV or radio anlen"e unIJ! the IntBrterance slOps.yerified eQUipmenl is lil<e!y to result In Inlet1erence 10 radio and TV receptIOn..

2000 Nordersredt WEST GERMANY n 040/52 60 090 mbH. Brentford.4410 BELGIUM/HOLLAND/ LUXEMBOURG Roland Benelux N. 20020 ARESE MILANO ITALY n 02·93581311 RoJand{UK )Ltd.1000 CANADA Roland Canada Music Ltd. Avenue Jean. 9425 Transcanadienne Service Rd. Eden Road.6021 Innsbruck Box 591 AUSTRIA 50 Garden Street South Yarra. Roland Corp US 7200 U. P. Warehouse Area 'DEPO' Budapest.715 ITALY Roland Italy S. CH . West Cross Centre.A. V6V 2E4 . NSW 2099 n (02)982 .1254 ZEALAND (NZ)Ltd.MBB SWEDEN Roland Scandinavia DanvikCenter S .Information . 2045 Torokbalint Budapest HUNGARY Roland Elektronische Musikinstrurnente Handelsgesellschaft Oststrasse 96.58 4535 Roland Canada Music Ltd. Quebec H4S lV3 CANADA ft (514)335·2009 Roland Canada Music Ltd.131 30 Nacka. N . CANADA C' (416)890 A!S SWITZERLAND n 061/986055 Repair Service by Musitronic AG FRANCE Musikengro 102. A.38 4456 n (81)568 As of JUN.Rum Siemens .0216 Oslo 2 NORWAY C02 -73 00 74 AUSTRIA E. NEW ZEALAND ft (09)398 . SF . Musikengro (Pans Office) Centre Region Parisienne 41 rue Charles .54 60 AUSTRALIA Roland Corporation (Australia)Pty. Office) N . A. A. V. 94400 Vi try s/Seine FRANCE 2 n (1)46808662 NORWAY Roland Scandinavia Avd. Norge Lilleakerveien Postboks 95 Lilleaker Dee Why West. 'l. your local Roland Service Station or the authorized Roland distributor in your country as shown below. tr (213)685 • 5141 Dominion Circle Los Angeles. (Head Office) 38 Campbell AUSTRALIA Avenue Ltd. A venue.spaila S. S. 346 Watline Mississauga.95 31 11 6 St Laurent. DENMARK C31 IX2 . P.When you need repair service.2431 Oevel .O. 2 tr.spoo FINLAND CO43 5011 & Co.02101 E. Victoria 3141 AUSTRALIA FINLAND Pazer Musik Inc.4456 Termiken DENMARK Roland Scandinavia Langebragade Box 1937 OK • 1023 Copenhagen K.S. Box 3.. HUNGARY lnterrnusica Ltd.Strasse 4 A . 90040 • 3647 WEST GERMANY SPAIN Roland Electronics de E.8266 Roland Corporation (Australia)Pty. Unsituulentie POB 169 n (03)241 NEW n43(05222)63 GREECE V. C. 05542. BRAZIL C55118692561 n (604)270 H outstraat I B . Sao Paulo . TW8 . GR 10678 97 Mt.Fourier. S5 Butarua Cep.SP . Dematte &Co. SWEDEN COB -702 00 20 n (7)858 . CA. RUB UNITED Amalgamated Middlesex UNITED KINGDOM Drive 9EZ.4578 KINGDOM de Santa Catarina 131 POl10 PORTUGAL t=t02 .308 . Dirnitriadis Athens GREECE n3620130 451 . Eden.6626 n 1868905 SWITZ ERLAND Musitronic AG Gerberstrasse Liestal SWITZERLAND C 061/921 16 IS AG 5. U. (Melbourne Ltd. Bolivia 239 08020 Barcelona SPAIN f! 93 .Jaures 69007 Lyon Cedex 07 A/s FRANCE 28 A.. MI. (Head Office) 13BBO Mayfield Richmond CANADA Place B. Ontario UZ . BRAZIL Oliver do Brazil SA Instrumentos Musicais Rua Ludovico Anastos.Westerlo BELGIUM C 014 . Neu . 1990 . Viale delle Industria 8 PORTUGAL Case Caius Instrumentos Musicals Lda. Roland Corporation Auckland 3 2 Fidiou Str .. Roland CK (Switzerland) Hauptstrasse 2 [ CH .


IF)Roland® 10684 UPC 10884 Ik· °Roland ~6025207 '90+ E3-11SO) .

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