Coal Trading Company
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Company Brief
Procuring coal from various principal, i.e. PT Inti Tiga Berlian Mulia and PT Kindo Coal, Cakrabuana Selaras has a capabilities to supply all grade of coal with outstanding quality and in the main time, maintain the sustainability of supply. CV Cakrabuana Selaras is a trading company that recently focus on coal sales. We started this activity since 2009 in the coal marketing, since then we join with PT Injorayon (Sumatera) with their 63006100 GCV coal. By growing demand in the market is more varied, then in early 2012, we establish cooperation with two coal companies, there are PT Inti Tiga Berlian Mulia - ITBM (Kalimantan) with their 5300-5100 GCV coal and PT Kindo Coal (Kalimantan) with their 6300-6100 GCV coal. In this we are expected to provide solutions and meet the demand for coal for various industrial purposes in Indonesia in particular and the global industry generally.

Coal Facts
ITBM’s Coal : 5300-5100 GCV coal, Location in Kotabaru-Tanah Bumbu South Kalimantan, Licensing is Izin Usaha Pertambangan Operasi Produksi No.545/046/IUP-OP/D.PE/2009, Area I is 994Ha, Area II is 600Ha, Area III is 200Ha, Coal Bearing Formation is Dahor Formation, Number of Layers Coal is 2 coal seam with thickness 2meters, Dip is 7°-10°. Kindo’s Coal : 6300-6100 GCV coal, Location in Batulicin South Kalimantan, SIUP No., Judicial End.No.C421.HT.03.02.Th.2003, Domicile Information No.412.12/10-Pab.

Iqbal Setiawan Director 0857-204-22325 Sendy Anggraeni Marketing Manager 0856-2002-505

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