Happy New Semester.

Happiness is of two types:
1. Happiness from things which we like:

Eg: Excessive Sleep Excessive TV Excessive play Excessive Internet Aerated Drinks Liquor Cigarette Unhealthy Food (eg. all maida based food items, bakery items etc) Damaging Institute / Hostel / Public Property Touching fellow students of opposite gender beyond shake hand Bunking classes

2. Happiness from things which help us:

Eg: Regular Exercise Discipline Regular Study – spending just ½ hour on each of that day’s notes Involving in both curricular & extra-curricular activities and maintaining balance between them. Giving importance to classroom learning Interacting fellow students of opposite gender without touching them Putting full stop to yester-semester indiscipline activities Healthy Food – taking more protein (beans and other veg based etc),

Happy New Semester.preferring fruit plate to fruit juice etc. Better to choose second one. Semester gives us both the choices. . when we come across both of these.

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