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MPO Leadership Walkabout Pvs

MPO Leadership Walkabout Pvs

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Published by: Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy on Aug 08, 2012
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In the case room: In one of the Management ethics class when there was discussion about paying bribe, one of my classmates made a very idealistic statement and on repeated questioning from the professor still continued to pose an idealistic stance. And this stance was very opposite to the discussions the person holds in other classes. I was to situation either to question the stance of the person or leave the discussion to be not realistic since the person has already set a tone of idealistic utopian discussion. Am I result oriented? No , my response to challenge the person’s stance was not result oriented since the professor could mark my CP negative. Am I internally directed? Yes, I was internally directed since I really wanted to know the stance of the person and didn’t want the class to go on an idealistic theme where no one actually wants to discuss the issue on hand and escape with idealism. Am I other focused? Yes I was other focused since I felt the discussion would go nowhere with the idealistic tone set by the person and hence want to break the tone and bring realism to the discussion. Am I externally open ? To an extent I was open but openness cannot hold good when you know other person is not giving a real answer.

Within the LT The last two weeks was very difficult for my LT since most of us had either MRR. There were projects where we were short of people to work. I too had my MRR and had to decide if I should contribute or ask my mates to take care. Am I result oriented? Yes. I wanted good grades but that came with dilemma where I should work on the projects or the MRR which I have to submit before my deadlines due to my ISEP program.

Am I externally open? Yes to this part. Lot of bottles was getting broken and the organizers were also drunk by the end of the event. Am I externally open? Yes to this part. . so I didn’t drink and when all my friends were drunk. I was internally directed since I felt that as married man I had responsibility . Openness and creativity. For me process of doing is gives me more happiness than results Am I other focused? To a level no. Am I other focused? Yes I was other focused since I wanted everyone to return to the dorm safe. Am I result oriented? I wasn’t result oriented. lot of students were drunk towards the ends of the event. But at the last minute my consciousness didn’t let me do it. I wanted to make the environment back to normal and didn’t want any violent event to happen. I was internally directed since I decided to work the project since my satisfaction for any work is dependent on the amount of work I do and only if I am satisfied with my work I feel happy. AIM Community During the end of Tiger Pub celebration event last year. I expected my team mates will take care of it. since I am always up late and even ready to do my learning mates work if they are busy or have other issues to take care. So I decided to work. Am I internally directed? Yes. the environment was getting aggressive every minute. No one was there to take charge and close the party. since I am always up late and even ready to do my learning mates work if they are busy or have other issues to take care. 3 strengths that I am willing to invest in my LT Responsibility.Am I internally directed? Yes.

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