Basic Bulky 2 Knee Socks on 1 or 2 Circular Needles

Adapted from “Sonja” sock pattern from the book “ The Best of Lopi” by Susan Mills & Norah Gaughan. Note Assuming you have a working knowledge of how to knit 2 socks at once using either 1 long circular needle or 2 circular needles. Materials 1 skein Briggs&Little Tuffy (ball gauge 17 sts=4” on 5mm) or similar yarn 1 6mm 47” circular needle or 1:16” and 1: 24” 6mm needles or 2: 24” circular needles on 6mm (or size to achieve gauge) Stitch marker or waste yarn Contrast yarn about 12” Point protectors Tapestry needle Scissors Gauge 13 sts= 4” in Stst For ladies Small/Medium and Medium/Large S(L) Abbreviations CO = cast on K= knit K2tog = knit 2 together P = purl Pm = place marker Psso = pass slip stitch over

Rep = repeat Rnd = round Sl = slip Sts = stitches Stst = stocking stitch “ = inches Method Co 34(36) sts and divide equally on 2nd needle. Slide to cable and join. Co for 2nd sock as above *Working 1 sock then the other to give each rnd Work 2” in K1, P1 rib increasing 1 st per sock per needle 36(38) sts Work 4 ½ (6)” in Stst Next rnd: K2tog, k 16 (17)sts, k2tog, k to end of rnd 34(36)sts Work 2 ½ (2 ¾)” in Stst Next rnd: k2tog, k 14(15) sts, k2tog, k to end of rnd 32(34) sts Work on Stst until work measures 12 ¼ (14 ¼ )” from beginning Heel With contrast yarn k16 (17) sts, stop. Place these sts back on start needle and reknit using main yarn and continue in Stst until piece measures 5 ½ (6 ¼)” or desired length (that would be to base of big toe). Toe Rnd1:*Sl 1, k1, psso, k to last 2sts before end of needle, k2tog* for each needle Rnd2: K Rnd3: rep rnd 1 Repeat rnds 2&3 three(four) times and then work decrease rnd (rnd1) every rnd until 8(6)sts remain. Break yarn leaving a 12” length and draw through sts and pull up tightly weave in end. Shaping Peasant Heel Remove contrast yarn and pick up 32(34) sts. K 2 rnds Stst Shape as for toe but, rep rnds 2&3 two(3) times. Finish by weaving in loose ends This pattern has been adapted by Cindy Greenslade 2009

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