Understanding Patterns of Development for Rhetorical Purposes Understanding the meaning and the argument inherent in a text begins

with understanding purpose. One way to make decisions about purpose is to notice the author’s method of organization and arrangement. Patterns of development are ways an author arranges a text for logical flow. One pattern of development can be applied to an entire text, but most often we see multiple patterns of development in a single text. Using “On Dumpster Diving” we will explore the major patterns of development; Eighner uses all of the eight major patterns in his essay. It is essential to mark these patterns as you notice them in your annotations, so pay close attention, and you’ll learn a valuable new analysis tool that you can apply to any text. Directions: Using pp. 17-25 of Language of Composition, define the following patterns of development. Then, label the paragraphs of your essay accordingly. You will find all eight patterns of development in the essay. Narration.


Process Analysis.


Comparison and Contrast.

Classification and Division.

Reflection on Patterns of Development: How might you use an author’s choice of pattern or patterns to help you analyze and understand an author’s purpose? How does Eighner’s use of the patterns help to develop his purpose (and in answering this question. Cause and Effect.Definition. please explain what you believe his purpose to be)? .

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