Minneapolis Sculpture Garden 1 Running Head: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden [Maida Haqqi]

the seasonal horticultural displays including exotic orchids.it helps us to be creative . The most beautiful art pieces in my opinion are the colossal Spoonbridge and Cherry Fountain at the garden. down into the spoon and the pool below. A second stream of water sprays from the top of the stem over the cherry. Stream of water. I liked the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. just enough to make the aluminum cherry glitter. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a beautiful place to walk and wander. The colorful plantings of perennial and annual flowers are not only soothing to the eyes but also bring me closer to God. The giant spoon is almost 52 feet across a small pond shaped like a linden tree seed. the breathtaking sculpture garden featuring more than forty pieces of unique art. be observant and sensitive. it offers so much to enjoy. The works at the garden 'trick' me into being happy and peaceful always. flows over the cherry from the base of the stem. In winter.Minneapolis Sculpture Garden 2 Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Minneapolis Sculpture Garden sits near to the Walker Art Center and considered as the largest urban sculpture garden with the boldest displays of art in the country. Frank Gehry's Standing Glass Fish located in the Palm Room of the Cowles Conservatory is also very stunning (Friedman. and other fragrant and beautiful species. changing the sculpture's character with the seasons. snow and ice accumulate on the cherry and the bowl of the spoon. as I am a very big art lover. Spoonbridge and Cherry is the highlight of the garden. The pieces in the garden enable me to do exactly that. 1988). palms. Visual Art is thought provoking . .think outside of the box.

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