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Cutting down the Army now. The debt skyrocketed from this! Way too much money spent on something that we could Sam Houston: easily have if we would annex with the United States. 5 minutes ago


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Cutting down the Navy now. The debt skyrocketed from this! Way too much money spent on something that we could easily have if we would annex with the United States.
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Still convinced it will happen, Houston? We need the Navy in case we get attacked! It may have made the debt increase, but we need it.

What you fail to realize, is that we wont get attacked if we annex! The United States already has a strong army and navy.

About me: nd I was born on March 2 of 1793 in Viginia. I am of Irish and Scottish descent. Me and my family moved to Easter Tennesse, where I ran away with the Cherookes. I was nicknamed The Raven. I joined the United States army when I was 21 and was a congress men in Tenesse. I am married to Margaret Mofette Lea of Marion, Alabama and have 8 children.

Annexation is likely, but the United States might not annex us. They want to keep good foreign relations with Mexico- something that might not be easy once we are annexed.


Relationship Status: Married to Margaret Moffette Lea of Marion, Alabama Interest: Literature, politics, and fishing. Current City: Rockbridge County, Virginia. Birthday: March 2nd (of 1793) Quote: Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may." Friends

I believe they will. Most of our people are loyal to them, and we could get them a lot of money from our oil. They need more land as well. We must stay positive! I am hoping for the same. Only time will tell!

What we need isnt to drive off the Indians, but to have a peace treaty with them. We dont need to waste more money, and driving them off does not guarantee not being attacked.

They are in our territory, and they teamed up it with Mexico to overthrow Texas. They are not to be trusted, Houston.

They only did that because they were upset, and taking such action will upset them even more! Having a treaty with them is safer, because we do not have to use money like we would in a war, nor do we need violence.

Margaret Mirabeau Santa Moffette Lamar Anna Lea of Marion,

Im sending all the soldiers home. We can not afford risking something like invading Mexico. Soldiers will not be called on duty anytime soon.

They will be upset if you dont call them on duty. They want revenge. Stephen F. Anson Austin Jones


Isnt the fact we are our own country revenge enough? Our army is weak, we cannot risk something as costly as going to invade Mexico.

I am happy to announce that I am the new president of the Republic of Texas! We won our independence, and are finally our own country!

We will never recognize you as your own country.

The fact is, we are our own country! We are independent and free. And if all goes well, we will annex with the United States, and become one of the states! We have succeeded.