Progress Details Project Name: Vehicle Tracking System using GPS & GSM Goal: This project deals with

the design & development of a theft control system for a n automobile, which is being used to prevent/control the theft of a vehicle. The developed system makes use of an embedded system based on Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) technology. The position of the vehicle is tracked using GPS based system. Modules of our project: Module 1: GPS components assembly Status: Completed Module 2: Synchronizing GPS and GSM embedded module Status: Completed Module 3: Map development using mapping tools Status: In progress Module 4: Conversion of SMS to Geo-codes Status: In progress Module 5: Installation of software with hardware unit Status: Remaining Coding Languages Specification: Front End: PHP, Javascript, jQuery Back End: VB.net, MySQL Group-07: Guided By: Ravi Kr. Roy (08/174) Mr. Dinesh Jain Sir Ripu Daman (08/17 5) (Associate Professor) Rohitashv (08/176) Sachin Gupta (08/177) Sandeep Kumar (08/178)

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