Socorro “Coring” Ramos
National Book Store

Ma. Socorro “Coring” Ramos Lady behind the success of the National Book Store  Prominent business today  Major retailer of books. Rizal . office supplies and greeting cards  First established store in Avenida.

Cruz Laguna  1928 – moved to Manila  Second youngest among her six siblings . started selling bananas. vinegar and wooden shoes at a wet market in Sta.Her Fresh Beginning  At age 5.

Work Experience  in a candy factory  In a cigarette company  A factory making shorts  Waitress in a restaurant .

Stepping Stones  Arellano High School  Goodwill Book Store  Manuel Cancio and Doña Juana Cancio  50centavos per day  Met Jose Tsip Ramos .

National Book Store’s Humble Beginnings  Sold to the couple for P211  Start selling school supplies and text books .

Coring’s Role  Manager  Cashier  Buyer  Seller  Concierge  Assistant .

The Challenge rule – shifted to selling soaps. jewelry and whisky  Burned down during American Liberation  Japanese . slippers. candies.

Their Only Hope  barong-barong in the corner of Soler and Avenida Rizal  Textbooks. writing pads and pencils  From being a general merchandise to a major retail store  Few competitors . notebooks.

500 employees in over 80 branches and became the Philippines largest chain of bookstores . it has 2.Road to Success  Typhoon Gene  Two story building complete with mezzanine  Alceber building  Today.

Characteristics  Determinate  Hardworking  Willingness  Motivated  Has exemplifying selling abilities .