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Max. Hours : 40 Credit 4 Unit I 8 Sessions Introduction of HRP, Activities and steps involved in HR planning, business plan and factors influencing requirements of Human Resources, Linking HR planning to strategic planning, aligning HR Strategy to Business Strategy, measuring the effectiveness of the HR strategy: HR Effectiveness, Role of HRP Manager, Productivity of People, work study Unit II 10 Sessions Manpower profiling and competency profiling, manpower planning in service industry, forecasting HR needs, forecasting models and applications, HR demand / supply, models for ascertaining HR supply Replacement Analysis, Markov models, career/succession planning, impact of HRMS on HR planning, HR outsourcing, Issues in HR planning vis a vis Mergers / Diversification/ Takeover Unit III 10 Sessions Issues in Recruitment & Selection, Vocational Choice, Fitment and careers , Managerial Competence as career anchor, employee career management, Job analysis : Applications, employer branding, selection measurement: Basic concepts, types, applications, interviewing skills, assessment and development centers, best practices in recruitment ( How to use competency model?) Unit IV 12 Sessions Accounting and HR Audit, Understanding the Strategic Dynamics of Mergers & Acquisitions, HR issues in Mergers & Acquisitions, HR Role in managing Mergers

and acquisition, HR Competencies in managing M & A, Advanced Manpower planning- Use and applicability of statistical and mathematical models in manpower planning ( Cohort Analysis, Census Analysis), Recent trends in HR planning, Cross Cultural Management- framework for mapping the culture, Studies of National Culture, Implication for management theory and practices. Suggested Readings : 1-) HRP By Monica Belcourt, Kenneth J.M.c Dey 2-) HRP By Lewis R Aiken, Garry Growth, Marnut 3-) Employee Selection : Lilly M. Berry 4-) HRP By P. Subba Rao