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.CROSS SECTION • • • • Goto “Cross section” menu= > select “Manage Surface”. • Click “OK” it will create cross section information (cuts & fills). Give name of surfaces and type “Normal”. Goto “Design” tab=> click “New Surface”. • Pavement • Close Manage Surface window • Goto Cross Section menu=> select “Extract Cross Section” • Give “Begin Station and End Station” and other Options such as Stationing interval. it gives the require station for extraction. • Give “Corridor Edges” • Marks Stations. • Click “OK” • Check “Extract” of “Orig_Surface”. Create following surface. (marked all stations).

• Close this window.CROSS SECTION • Goto “Cross Section”=> select “Edit Cross Section Data”. It will shows the Cross section data or extracted surface. .

It will be done by draw section on AutoCAD or by using Precision Input Commands. .DRAWING TYPICAL CROSS SECTION • Goto “typical Cross Section” => Select “Manage Typical Section”=> click “New Typical Section” • Give name and Description and click “OK” • Now goto Typical Section=> select “Construction Typical Section”. • Select Typical section which defined in previous step and click on “Precision Input” • In AutoCAD a new file appear. Here you have to draw a cross section of Highway Road. A new window will appear.

Type the command on the second line and hit the Enter key. • The commands have to put here. • Click on Intersection point of Cross lines on AutoCAD drawing. and press enter. The window will ask you for the information needed based on the command. do not close this window. RoadCalc can create a mirror image for the other side. You have to draw only half of the section. Now have to construct cross section by “Precision Inputs”. • These are the commands available to construct the typical section.TYPICAL CROSS SECTION • By using Precision Input Commands. . The typical section has to be created in a continuous way beginning at the crosshair point on the drawing. 1st select a Starting point by clicking this button. Keep using the Enter key.

Depth=0.2:1. to draw the following cross-section: • 2-lane undivided highway • 3.5 m . side slope .TYPICAL CROSS SECTION • Example. 2% crown.6 m lanes.

Pt code 0 • For the next point. type 7. • For the next point.6 and hit Enter. This will draw a line 3. type dXH and hit Enter. type 3.TYPICAL CROSS SECTION • Start by clicking the moving crosshair to identify the starting point of the typical section on the drawing. This code will establish the centerline of the alignment.6m wide with a -2% slope. type dXS and hit Enter.2 and hit Enter. This will draw a line side slope with a -2:1 ratio. This will draw a straight line side enter PT code 0 • After completing these steps “Mirror the Typical Section Right to Left” by clicking this button. .8 and hit Enter. type -10. then type 0 and hit Enter. type 1 for the PT code and hit Enter key. PT code 0 • For the next point. type -2 and hit Enter. The code will identify the end point as the end of the pavement. The code will identify the end point as the end of the pavement. type -2/1 and hit Enter. type dXdy and hit Enter.

• After clicking “Define” button the AutoCAD drawing will appear Click within close boundary of particular layer which have to define • This completes your drawing of typical cross section in Road Calc .TYPICAL CROSS SECTION • Click “Define Typical Section” • A new window will appear • Select particular layer such as Pavement and click “Define” button.