GOA Leisure Trip

July 2012

Still we meet and talk for some times...

Every road has a friend, Every friend has a road...
his is story of a ‘not so common’ friendship. We met before 35 years, at the age of 5, in class 1. Now we are in different walks of life, still we meet, talk for some times and then walks on our own roads. This year we travelled to GOA, of course with another friend








On the 27th day of July 2012

We travelled to GOA
with another friend -Sreekumar, who blends readily with anything and have a great sense of humour


The land of beaches, traditional architecture and enticing greenaries...

Greenaries along the Konkan Cost is wonderful

Mangrove forests

Railway bridge over river Mandovi

Paddy fields on the banks of Mandovi

Goa is famous for traditional architecture

Archeological Survey of India Museum

Interior of Se Cathedral Church, Old Goa

Altar of Se Cathedral Church

Flow of positive energy

Witness of History

Basillica of Bomjesus, Old Goa. Relics of St. Fransis Xavier is kept here

Basillica of Bomjesus, is built of black laterite stone

Art and religion is inseparably related

The Fort Auguda - Built in 1612 by Portuguese

The Fort Auguda was used as watering station for ships and is having a light house

I guess this water bottle belongs to the security guard on duty

Beaches of Goa

Anjuna beach

A Rocky beach in Goa

At some places the rocks extents in to the sea

Calangute beach is known as queen of Goa beaches

A driftwood at the beach

‘Rock n Roll’

Colva Beach - a major beach in South Goa

Irresponsibly thrown beer bottle at Colva Beach


A lone tourist

Beach of Goa - Brimming with activities

Tatoo making

A life guard on duty

Rescue gadgets

Goa night life is colourfull

Wine shops are there every where in Goa, This liquor bottle costs Rs 19,000

A dance bar in North Goa

Tradition for sale

Fishermen loading their boat with fishing net

The beach cleaner


Early morning view of a Goa Street, at Panaji

A floating casino

Laziness and off season blues

Fishing is a common pass time here

Jangar Service, ready for departure

A Panaji street

Waiting for season...

Thank you


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