Learning and Growth

. Talent acquisition & Resource Allocation:Recruitment channels:  Direct Applicants  Lateral hires  Referrals  Campus selection Resources are allocated to Industry Solutions Unit(ISU) by Resource Manager.Objectives Recruit. train and develop high quality human resources Build Corporate Sustainability Promote culture of Innovation Leadership Development Initiatives taken by TCS: 1.

works closely with Centers of Excellence to keep Employee training updated.For college graduates During fiscal 2011. Training and Continuous Learning  Initial Learning Program(ILP). iCALMS-Digital training platform to improve the speed and efficiency of training employees .2.170 trainees completed ILP Continuous Learning Program(CLP). 28.

Aspects of iCALMS Initial Learning Other Induction Continuous Learning Informal Learning iCALMS Leadership Development Learning and Sharing External Programs Foreign Language Initiative .

Leadership Development Leadership Development Program(LDP). Corporate SustainabilityThe elements that make for strong corporate sustainability at TCS are: A fair. 4. Management Development Programs(MDP). transparent and value-driven corporate governance A strong strategy for longer-term business growth Best-in-class HR processes Initiatives for community betterment Our stewardship of the environment .develops the potential leaders for current as well as future requirements. employees are provided experiential learning.3.focuses on building deeper strengths in Managerial skills.

New technologies aim to create new markets. micro-credits. crop insurance etc . TCS InstantApps. TCS has identified three categories of Innovation: Breakthrough. Platform.It is a tool which helps developers to reduce their development lead times by eliminating the repetitive tasks.It’s a tool that allows TCS to deliver significant cost. Innovation Innovation Labs -19 innovation labs Co-Innovation Network(COIN). Derivative-continuous improvements in current services aimed at existing customers. mKRISHI.Next-generation technologies aimed to reach new customers.It enables experts to give personalized advice on farming. technology partners and other companies. poultry. quality and time improvements to clients using its SaaS applications.network that connects its own labs to research departments in universities.5. Examples of Innovation by TCS: Mastercraft.

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