The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, Local 32035 The Newspaper Guild-Communications Workers of America (AFL-CIO

, CLC)
I designate Local 32035 of The Newspaper Guild-CWA my agent in collective bargaining, and authorize Local 32035 of The Newspaper Guild-CWA to represent me before any Board, Court, Committee or other Tribunal in any matter involving collective bargaining. and I authorize Local 32035 of The Newspaper Guild-CWA to represent me in adjusting any grievances I may have in connection with my employment. I pledge myself to abide by the constitution of The Newspaper Guild-CWA and the By-laws of the Local 32035 of The Newspaper Guild-CWA.

Name--------~(p~l-ea-s-e-p~ri-n'l)------------------------~(~D~at~e~o~f7b7ir"th~)------"(S~e-x)~------~(~H~o-m~e-p'h~on~e~)--------HomeAddr~s-'(S~t~re~e~0~--------------------(ffC~it=y~)------------------------(US~ta=t~e)~------'(7Z~ip')-----------Social Security No.






(Employed by)
(Department Application Herewith Date $, received by I nitiation and $ fee Signature in which employed)

(Date of hire) (Job Title)
Washington-Baltimore for Newspaper



(Work Number)
Guild, Local 32035. TNG-CWA months' dues _

Dues, assessments, contributions or gifts to Local 32035 of The Newspaper Guild-CWA are not deductible as charitable contributions. Dues paid to the Newspaper Guild-CWA, however, may qualify as business expenses, and may be deductible in limited circumstancesubject to various restrictions imposed s by the Internal Revenue Code. (TNG-CWA's constitution requires that, when turned into the local Guild, this card be accompanied by an initiation fee and one month's dues; where a dues deduction agreement is in effect, a signed checkoff card may be accepted instead of the month's dues.)

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