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Miracle of Asia and Higher Education

Miracle of Asia and Higher Education

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Published by Sanjana Hattotuwa
Miracle of Asia and Higher Education
Miracle of Asia and Higher Education

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Published by: Sanjana Hattotuwa on Aug 10, 2012
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7th August 2012

University of Moratuwa Teachers Association (UMTA)


University academics are protesting, the funding cuts, lack of autonomy, lack of facilities for research, politicization of universities, drop in standards of university entrants etc. Government says that asking for 6% of GDP cannot be given. They also say these are political agendas. They also say that Sri Lanka will become a knowledge hub and the Miracle of Asia. The University of Moratuwa Teachers Association presents its view to you. It seeks your attention for the 2 minutes it will take you through the Ten Miracles of Education.



Miracle #1: Sri Lankan Universities produce more graduates with less money!

71000 70000 69000

130,000 120,000

Expenditure (Rs. Per year)
68000 67000 66000 65000

110,000 100,000 90,000 80,000

Student Enrollment

64000 63000 62000 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 70,000 60,000

Recurrent Expenditure per student in 2002 Constant Rs

Miracle #2: SL Universities will lead the creation of a Knowledge Hub by spending less on education every successive year
2 1.8 1.6 1.4 1.2 1 % 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 1975 1980

University Expenditure as % of Government Expenditure
1985 1990 1995 Year 2000 2005 2010 2015

Miracle #3: SL where % of qualifying students entering universities has remained the same for 20yrs, is to become a knowledge hub








Miracle #4: SL where only 0.05% of GDP is spent on research (ranked below Ethiopia) is to become a global knowledge hub. Moreover, only less than 1% of university spending is on research (leading universities spend 16%)

Sri Lanka Typical Western


Academics are essentially researchers from which they teach students. Deprive them of funds for same and they leave or simply become note givers!

Miracle #5: SL the knowledge hub where only 2/3rd of academic positions can be filled and of those in service, only 40% have PhD qualifications.

Academic Cadre Posts Approved (2009) – 7,510 Cadre Posts Filled by 31st Dec 2010 – 4,984 ( 66%)


What proportion of benefits would a senior engineer forego if he/she were to join a university by leaving an industry position in Sri Lanka?

Answer - 2/3rd (Less pay, No medical, No insurance, No quarters, No transport, No Bonuses, No concessionary loans, No support staff, No direct telephone, Not even scholarships!)

Did you also know that university academics earn just 1/10th of what they can earn at a university abroad. Have you wondered why they stay in Sri Lanka?

Miracle #6: SL, a knowledge hub where universities produce a medical doctor for less than USD 10,000 and an engineering graduate for less than USD 6000

Medicene Agriculture Science Engineering Arts Commerce & Management 56,172 33,928 134,969 131,551 104,533


50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 Recurrent Expenditure Per Student Per Year


Miracle #7: SL, a Knowledge Hub where an Internationally accredited Engineering Degree is provided at 1/10th or less of the international cost.

70,000 USD per student per year 60,000 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 -


41,025 25,547 14,745 1,761
U of California Singapore-NUS U of Oregon U of Cape Town Sri Lanka Unis

* In Sri Lanka an International Highways cost more to build than elsewhere, where dinner at an international hotels cost as much, where an international sportsmen is paid as much as his counterparts elsewhere. But an international degree is provided at 1/10th the international price.

Miracle #8: Where students entering universities after competitive AL exams are found to have poor learning skills and attitudes but who are still transformed to ‘world class graduates’
Assessment of Skills and Attitudes Engineering Undergraduates possess at entry -Scale of 4
Willing  to  study   /  Learn Not  Exhausted Conceptually   Sound   (Subject  Basics) Experienced  in  group  work Honestly  indicating   the  member  … Good  speaking   and  writing  in  university  … Experienced  in  using  basic   office-­‐software Good  in  speed  reading Having  Good   Social   values Trained  in  timely  submission   of  outputs Good  vocabulary










Miracle #9: SL, a Knowledge Hub that makes the least public investment on education.


How many years does it take for the Payback of the public investment of producing an Engineering Graduate at a Sri Lankan University? Three (03) Years!!
Is there a better investment? Cost of 4 Years of Uni Education – Rs 500,000( @2010 prices) Monthly value of service with only GCE AL qualifications – Rs 20,000 increasing at say 5% p.a. Monthly value of service with B.Sc. Eng degree – Rs 50,000 (min) increasing at say 10% p.a. Return on Investment –







Payback Period – 3 Years

Miracle #10: SL, to show how a Knowledge Hub can be created by Spending less than 2% on education where others countries required 4-6%


The World Definition of a Hub is a place which pulls resources (good teachers) and demand (good students)

Sri Lankan Government definition of a Knowledge Hub is where professors and professionals continue to leave the country in search of better opportunities elsewhere followed by a significant number of students.

Did you know that by reducing Defence Spending by 4% , university recurrent spending can be doubled?
2012 Budget Allocations (Rs mn)






Defence and Urban Development

Higher Education


How many Engineering graduates could have been produced with the USD 162 million loss from the hedging deal with Standard Chartered Bank?
27,000 (what the country needs for 15 years!)


If it was commercially invested at 12% it would be enough to provide for 4,500 children to enter university annually.

The Next Miracle

From the 1970s, our Politicians allowed a very good school education system to deteriorate to one that is now only exam oriented and tuition class dependent. Now the next phase of this Miracle is to destroy the existing university system by creating mushrooming ‘universities’ similar to how the tuition culture came to being, where higher education will be restricted mostly to skill development, then commercialized, packaged and sold as degrees to desperate students who are being kept out of proper universities.


So What…?

Ensure State universities are adequately funded so that current staff is retained and encouraged to develop their facilities. Undertake systematic reforms that will provide all students more access to and choice in higher education while improving quality to meet modern market requirements. It’s a Civil Society Issue and not just a university staff salary issue. Its about education and the future of Sri Lanka continuing as an educated society.



Thank you.

Spread the message… Save our universities and schools …. Increase funding….. Lets target 6% of GDP for education!
University of Moratuwa Teachers Association (UMTA)

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