Faiz Technologies Balance Sheet

Rupees Assets Fixed Assets Office fixture and furntiures Computer Equipment Office Equipments Air condition Sub-total Current assets Advances and Deposits Security deposits Advance Rent Advance salaries Receivables Fee receivables Receivable from Uzair Bank and cash Bank Account Cash in hand Sub-total Grand total Capital and Liabilities Capital Account Fayyaz Account Nasir Uzair Profit & Loss Account Sub-total Liabilities

51,830 112,490 80,880 36,200 281,400

25,000 11,000 -


25,618 71,920 353,320

100,000 100,000 (65,560) 134,440

Loan from Fayyaz Loan from Nasir Loan from Uzair Bills payables Sub-total Grand Total

133,880 85,000 218,880 353,320

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