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GSC16 Security and Lawful Intercept - Summary

GSC16 Security and Lawful Intercept - Summary

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Published by: Ryan Gallagher on Aug 10, 2012
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Security and Lawful Intercept - Summary
• Contributions from ATIS, ETSI, and TIA
– Lawful Intercept
• Focus is on Interception and Retention of Data, Advanced VoIP Conferencing Services, Internet Access and Services, Femtocells, Updates to Lawful Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LEAS), and more • Continue to develop new standards and make revisions to existing standards • Continue cross coordination and collaboration among the SDOs where appropriate • Challenge is to develop standards to satisfy regulatory/mandated target dates so timely consensus building is afforded and reliable implementations can be deployed.

– Security
• Focus on security enhancements for Femtocells, Common IMS, EPC/LTE, IMEI, FIGS, Advanced Security for HRPD, eHRPD and xHRPD, Electronic Signatures, Cyber Security, and more. • New key areas for security are M2M, Smart Grid, and Cloud Computing • Equipment Numbering Identifier security continues as discussion items during Global Numbering JEM • Stressed importance of cooperation among the SDOs. • Challenge is to address the inconsistent implementations of security in the network.

• Recommendation
– Retain HIS for GSC-17
Halifax, 31 Oct – 3 Nov 2011 ICT Accessibility For All 1

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