August 3, 2012 To: Interested Parties Fr: Anzalone Liszt Research Re: Polling Results among Likely Voters in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional

District Roughly three months before Election Day, Congressman Mark Critz is well positioned to win re-election in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. Critz currently leads Republican challenger Keith Rothfus by ten points and is earning 50% of the vote (50% Critz / 40% Rothfus). Mark Critz leads Keith Rothfus by ten points and is already polling at 50% • Critz holds a ten-point lead over Keith Rothfus (50% Critz / 40% Rothfus)

Though the Presidential election tilts to Mitt Romney, Senator Casey leads his Republican opponent, and Republicans in Congress are extremely unpopular • • President Obama trails Mitt Romney by nine points (42% Obama / 51% Romney) However, these voters split their tickets, and Senator Casey leads his Republican opponent 51% to 43%. That's a similar margin to Critz's lead over Rothfus. Republicans in Congress are extremely unpopular in this district (31% favorable / 51% unfavorable) o This includes only 9% of voters who say they are very favorable towards Republicans in Congress while 29% of voters say they are very unfavorable towards Republican in Congress

Anzalone Liszt Research conducted N=400 live telephone interviews with likely 2012 general election voters in Pennsylvania’s 12th CD. Interviews were conducted between July 31 – August 2, 2012. Respondents were selected at random, with interviews apportioned geographically based on past voter turnout. Expected margin of sampling error is ±4.9% with a 95% confidence level.

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