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Linkedin: http://mx.linkedin.com/pub/evolution-is-now/56/532/677

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Published by: Evolucion del Ser on Aug 10, 2012
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EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.

net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now

No prior preparation is required

NOVEMBER 10th – 20th 2012
>>>INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL EVENT (english- spanish) >>>
I. Intention… The Call II. Content III. Investment IV. Registration Process V. Payment Methods VI. Requirements VII. Travel Recommendations VIII. Facilitator Profiles and Archaeological Guide IX. More About Power Places X. Information & Contact XI. More about Dec 21st , 2012 XII. Critical Mass Network and Global Activations Groups GAG XIII. Recommended articles & website links

"Peru is said to be the new morning sun, the portal through which new rays of light begin to awaken humanity to a New Consciousness" Andean Awakening-Jorge Luis Delgado

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now



CALLING ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN ...... The meeting of the Children of the Sun is ... NOW The meeting of the Light is ... NOW The meeting of Humanity is ... NOW The waiting time is over .... it was all an illusion Today we are back in reality all the Children of the Sun Our path is only ONE Where only the Truth shown Everything Clarity, everything is light ... all is Truth. The Children of the Sun have awaken, The Children of the Sun have returned, The Children of the Sun have spoken. All as ONE... we meet again All as ONE... we look each other again All as ONE... we walk again in the Awakening of Humanity ... To walk the New Cycle of Light Nothing will be the same, nothing will return! EVERYTHING IS COMPLETENESS, ALL IS INFINITE AS THE UNIVERSE ITSELF... AS LOVE ...

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now

THE INTENTION OF THIS MYSTICAL JOURNEY & RETREAT .... Is to be ready for the Final Cosmic Alignment of December 21st , 2012

According to the information that the ancient wise Mayan Masters left us on the Mayan Calendar Long Count, we are one step to complete a Grand Cosmic Cycle of 26,000 years. Thus the end of that cycle is stated to happen on the Cosmic Alignment of December 21st 2012. Then it will take place the most trascendental alignment of our Planet Earth with the Hunab Ku (Galactic Center), marking this event a Quantum Leap in Consciousness for all Humanity, and fully enter into the Golden Age of Evolution through the Feminine Energy. According to Ancestral Wisdom Maya, whose description of the rythm of evolution of cosciousness has been the most accurate so far known, the new world be born when the Cosmic Mirror cosmic occcurs in 2012. The first point of contact that this radiation (coming from the Central Galactic Sun) will be through, Lake Titicaca, the actual planetary root chakra, where is located the main temple of Illumination of Humanity for the Golden Age. This is the active site where radiation enters the planet, and from here will irradiate to the entire planet Earth, all the light network and power places, in order to help us evolve as humanity and recieve the most precious gift ... Enlightenment, and return to Unity Consciousness, Love and Freedom. This is an ideal opportunity, scheduled by the Divine Plan to join us in meditation, with a focus on enlightenment for Humanity, where people from all around the world, regardless of race, gender, religion and nationality, will join to participate in this event. Together, we will shine like a sun, which guides and illuminate. " This is long awaited, unique and unrepeatable opportunity for the collective consciousness of humanity, integrates with the fundamental Spiritual One Self, in Unity Consciousness . In order to achieve the comprehension of where the Cosmic Plan is designed to lead us on the path to ENLIGHTENMENT. "Let us, therefore, be decided to lighting the earth as a human collective, full of faith, with constant work and focused mind, so we can radically change the world and create anchor the New Earth"


EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now


No prior preparation is required
Any person who is commitment to develop a personal work with themselves in towards an evolution, assuming their true identity and divine potential. In orer to raise the collective consciousness towards the birth of a New Humanity. III. RETREAT PROGRAM

* Healing * Purification * * Initiations* Activations * * Ancient Wisdom * Revelations* Ceremonies * * Connection at Power Places * Joy * Self Awareness * *Workshops for awakening Consciousness* * Ilumination *
WHAT ARE WE GOING TO BE WORKING ON DIFFERENT LEVELS IN THIS RETREAT? Through workshops & lectures for awakening consciousness throughout the retreat & spiritual journey. ON A PERSONAL & GROUP LEVEL: 1. Releasing fears, conflicts and raising spiritual level 2. Learning to be aware of the present time ... here and now 3. Learning to release heavy/negative energy 4. Healing emotional wounds crystallized in different bodies 6. Deprogram limiting beliefs 7. Release duality codes within the collective human consciousness 8. Learning to raise the vibration of the energetic body 10. Learning to balance the internal male and female energetic aspects 11. Learning to free the mind in order to acces consciously the sacred space of the heart and keep oneself in that level of awareness 12. Connecting to the new grid of unity consciousness ON A PLANETARY AND COSMIC: Reconnecting with Mother Earth " Mama Pacha" Reconnecting with the Cosmic Mother "Pacha Mama" Reconnecting with the Central Sun of the galaxy Service to anchor the unity consciousness of light and love on planet Earth

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now In service to anchor the unity & light consciousness and unity on the planet earth through the Cosmic Portal and Planetary Activation "The Venus Transition" Planetary healing through the water element II. CONTENT RETREAT ITINERARY
DATE Nov 10th Nov 11th POWER PLACE Titicaca Lake Titicaca Lake Uros Island & Amantani Island at Titicaca Lake Sillustani Aramu Muru Portal (Ahayumarka) & Titicaca Lake Urubamba , Sacred Valley Unu Urco at Calca Nov 17th ACTIVITY Welcome and Integration to this Mystical Journey & Retreat Workshop & Lectures at Titicaca Lake Connection with Solar Disk, meditations & activations at Lake Titicaca Lecture, connections, meditations, power place activations and sacred dances. connections, meditations, power place activations and sacred dances. Arrival to Sacred Valley Meditations, ceremony with Pacha Mama ( Mother Earth) with andean shaman At Moray, special ceremony of alignment with Apus ( andean mountains) guides by andean shaman& Sacred Dances to connect to cosmos. At Machu Pichu town, we will do a Ceremony of Ancestral Sound with Peruvian Shaman Integration of Andean Trilogy: The path of the serpent, puma & condor. Meditations, & visiting these Power place Fire ceremony & Closure Traveling back to your Country

Nov 12th Nov 13th

Nov 14th Nov 15th Nov 16th

Moray Circles & Machu Picchu Nov 18th Wayna Picchu & Machu Picchu Nov 19th Nov 20th Sacred Valley Cuzco´s Airport

In July 1957, Beloved Ascended Master El Morya said: “Those pilgrims who seek spiritual illumination and guidance from now on will be drawn to South America as they have been previously drawn into the Orient. To this end, the Directors of the Forces of Nature and the Elemental Kingdom are making preparation toward providing a natural means of access to this hitherto untapped spiritual Focus of Illumination in the Andes Mountains.” Information about Aramu-Muru’s Retreat at Lake Titicaca, Peru, was given long ago to those ready for such knowledge. The Permanent Ray enters the planet Earth in two places. The Masculine Aspect enters in the Himalayas of the Orient and the Feminine Aspect enters at Lake Titicaca. The Masculine Aspect has been prominent throughout all the ages of Earth’s history, but now the Feminine Aspect is coming into prominence as the Earth enters deeper into the vibrations of the Seventh Ray. This Feminine Aspect

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now
entering the area of the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays will become evident in the future. It is interesting to note that culturally and otherwise Tibet and Peru resemble each other so much, that photographs taken of one can easily be mistaken for the other. But when we understand that these are the two areas on the surface of the Earth where the Permanent Ray enters, the explanation is simple. (part IV The New World Focus On Illumination, Secrets of The Andes, George Hunt Williamson)

>>>INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL EVENT (english- spanish) >>>


We will begin this retreat, at the Mystical & Sacred Portal at Lake Titicaca, a meeting place for the children of the Sun, where lies the Temple of Enlightenment for the New Age, located on the etheric planes, and guided by the Ascended Masters Aramu Muru and Arama Mara (also known as the Meru Gods) and the Great White Brotherhood. It is a perfect place to surrender the ongoing internal dialogue of our minds and reach a deeper connection with our Multidimensional Being or Higher Selves .


EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now We will visit this unique and ancient civilization of the Uros, which for generations has lived in this magical floating islands. In this part of the lake we will hold a ceremony of deep connection with the Water Beings, Divine Mother, and Mother Earth in gratitude for a life. We will also conduct a Planetary Healing, anchoring our intentions for a New Life based on love. After this magical experience, we will take a great journey to the womb of Mother Water & Amantani Island, located in the middle of Lake Titicaca, here we will hold a meditation to connect with the Solar Disc and reconnect with our Inner, Sun Inner, the Central Sun of our Solar System and the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy. We will also perform a deep connection with the water beings in harmony with Divine Mother, and Mother Earth in gratitude for life, carrying out a Planetary healing through water. AYUMARCA PORTAL “AMARU MURU”

In this ancient dimensional portal formerly known as Wilka Uta (House of the Divine) we will be able to raise our vibrational frequency experience to achieve a great connection with our INNER DIVINE , so we can go through the physical door towards other dimensional planes and to receive revelations for our own evolution. SILLUSTANI

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now A Pre-Incan Worship Center site which preserves the sacred mystique , where you breathe in peace and quiet. The architects who created this center left us a mesage to be re discovered: "The essence of life in the great process of evolution." Here, we will experience a guided meditation and sacred dance. UNU URCO- CALCA

Located within the Sacred Valley, we will live a ceremony of deep connection with the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) also working with the Kintu (with Coca leaves) offered to Earth, this ceremony will be conducted by an Andean shaman from Ausangate.


“All three of Moray's circles collect cosmic energy. Everything we think, feel or do in transmitted back out to the stars. Our family can hear us here. We can feel this energy. It is like a pressure coming down on top of your head.” Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - Moray, Peru Moray is a great cosmic antenna , thus a power connection place , which circles in spirals connect us to the sublime spiritual worlds. In the center of the great circle will activate the 7 chakras to reach the center of our inner heart, to unify and expand Yachay (wisdom), Munay (love) and Llankay (service) remembering that only when these three types work together there will be a Unified Humanity.

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now In this power center , we will perform a sacred dance to connect with the Cosmic energy and a Ceremony of connection with the energy of the mountains (Apus) guided by an Andean Shaman. MACHU PICCHU WAYNA PICCHU

The amazing landscape around this Double Cosmic Portal, Machu Picchu... sanctuary and ceremonial complex, indicates a profound knowledge of Sacred Geometry. The two mountains of the site, Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu, Divine supplements represent the male and female respectively. Only the magnificent natural beauty of this site, it is possible to feel a great joy or be transported to the spiritual realm.

We will have a very special ceremony with ancient sacred sounds, before climbing to Machu Picchu, where there is located a Solar Temple, considered the Crystal City .... City of Universe...University of the Masters ... this is one of those places planetary power to help us realign our place in the cosmos, the purpose of our soul and the earth and the Universal Divine Plan for the entire Cosmos. At Waynapicchu, se will experience the Andean Integration of the trilogy: the path of the snake, puma and the condor; a deep inner work with personal for developing attention, focus, insight and liberation from fears.

***Note: During all the Retreat , initiations, ceremonies, activities and rituals will
be guided, according to the connection and work that is required at each archaeological site and Power Place.

IV. Investment

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now IF YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATION FROM JULY TO SEPTEMBER 15th, 2012: Personal Investment $ USD 2,550 (american dollars) $ 35,700 M.N. (mexican pesos) IF YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATION FROM SEPTEMBER 16th, UNTIL OCTOBER 15TH 2012: Personal Investment $ USD 2,750 (american dollars) $ 38,500 M.N. (mexican pesos) Reserve your place with: $ USD 550 (american dollars) $ 7.700 M.N (mexican pesos)

* THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS OCTOBER 15th, 2012 Note on Payments: Payments from any country (except Mexico) will be transferred in Mexican pesos. And the dollar price is only reference to the currency exchange in your country.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you reserve your place as soon as possible to secure your participantion.

THE COST INCLUDES: 1) LODGING...11 days, 10 nights lodging in double room 5 nights at Titicaca Lake 4 nights at Cuzco 1nights at Sacred Valley ( Urubamba ) * All accommodations are in double rooms,and in case of family or friend it might be triple.

2) Food: 10 beakfasts, 8 meals, 9 dinners. >>> Note on meals or lunches: The retreat package does not includes one meals and one dinner (November 17th and 18th) that will be free on behalf of the participants, due to the nature of activities in those places. The foods included in the package start with the dinner on November 10th.

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now

3) Instruction and Guidance - Instruction,Guided Mystical Meditations, ceremonies, activities and lectures by Tony Vazquez (Kashiaá) Paulina Remy (An*ayatsin) , and specialized guides at the archaeological sites, power places and at instruction facilities. 3) Land Transportation & Entrance fees -To all the Archaeological sites -To all the hotels within the tour itinerary - There is also included all entrance fees to all the places that will be visited. >>Not Included: Beverages Any tips to waitresses, waiters or porters None Air Transportation from your country to Peru or back to your country. None transportation from airport to hotel or viceversa. V. REGISTRATION PROCESS

1. Event Payment 2. Registration Format
Due to the nature of the event, space is limited, and will be opened with 25 participants. We recommend you secure your as soon as possible, as the are quickly filled, in this unique opportunity of achieving personal evolution and do planetary service. Evolution del Ser, reserves its right to change the date of the event by an extraordinary situation beyond our control >>>


1. Event Payment Options

a) International Bank Transfer (Deposit)

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now

b) USD deposit via Western Union. C) Paypal ( debit or credit card)

>>> NOTE ON PARTICIPANTS CANCELLATIONS : Due to the nature of this event, we can´t accept any cancellation . In this case, you can transfer your place to someone else.

2. REGISTRATION PROCEDURE a) Fill out your registration form for its review and send it by mail to: theevolutionisnow@yahoo.com DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM AND REGISTRATION at www.evoluciondelser.net b) Upon acceptance of your participation, you will receive a confirmation email, from date you will have 15 days maximum to do your reservation payment or full payment of the event.. Passing these two weeks, if your reservation payment is not made, your place will be released. c) Send us a copy of your payment via mail. Please take into account the deadline for full payment of your place. d) Later on as soon as you have them , send us an email with your arrival and departure flights.

CONTACT DETAILS http://evolutionnow.webs.com theevolutionisnow@yahoo.com www.evoluciondelser.net +52 442 2 13 83 39 tel y fax Querétaro, México +52 442 1 43 76 56 cel pau remy (An*ayatsin 11:11) skype: hunabku1111

VII. REQUIREMENTS AND MATERIAL     Bring two sets of white clothes for two ceremonies ( women long skirts) Notebook ,pen & color pencils Bring a blindfold Hat and glasses

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now  A gift to exchange for the closing ceremony, preferably something representative of your country or with great meaning for that special meeting.  A little folding suitcase for the travel to Machu Picchu ( cloths for 2 days)  Sunscreen and insect repellent for mosquitoes  Wear comfortable and appropriate cloths for tempered, little rainy and sunny. As the weather is windy cold but also much sun at certian hours in outdoors activities.  Bathing suit if you want to use the optional Jacuzzi or pool at the Hotel at Titicaca Lake (cost approx. U.S. $ 8.00 Dlls.)


The event starts on November 10th 2012 at 17 hrs. You will have all day to arrive and rest it is recommended to do so as soon as possible , so you get use to the altitude. Upon your arrival at the Hotel Taypikala Lago we recommend you take a cup of coca tea, drink at least 1 lt. water and rest, eat light food Panamericana Sur Km 18 Chucuito, Puno, Puno http://www.taypikala.com Telf.: +51 51 792266 Cel. Recepción: +51 951591423 Event Name: Retiro Místico ( Tony Vázquez) We recommend before your travel you start drinking much water, do not eat carbohydrates (pasta, breads, sweets) less or none red meat; spend time to meditate and perform deep breathings to oxygenate your body. The event ends at Cuzco on November 19th at night- Next day on November 20th, after breakfast, you may leave the hotel. Cuzco´s airport is 1 hr from Hotel. Depending on the routes and deaprture dates of participants, is possible to hire a van for the groups ( the cost on that is on behald the participants hiring it)

Visa for Peru For most Central and South American countries, visa for Peru is no required. Check in your abassay if your country requieres one. Information on how to travel and arrive to the Retreat: Take any international flight that arrives to Peru's capital at Lima. From there the plane route is from Lima to Juliaca (Lan Peru or Lan Chile) There are 3 options to take the flight, is recommended to arrive early, relax and

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now be ready to begin at 4:00 pm. The flights are usually 4:50 a.m., 6:00 am and 11.25 am. The trip takes 2.30 min to reach Juliaca. We recommend that at the Airport in LIMA, change your dollars to Peruvian Soles for personal expenses. From Juliaca´s Airport the transportation to transfer to Hotel el lago Taypikala, this can be in: taxi (for 4 people) or van . It takes approx. is 1.20 mins. to arrive to the hotel. Both options are safe and reliable. The hotel is along the road, opposite the shores of Lake Titicaca in Puno. Either option leaves you at the doorstep. To return to your country, the event ends in Cusco, where they can take the plane to Lima, Peru and from there travel to your country.

EXTENDED TRAVEL INFORMATION PARACAS / NAZCA LINES COST OF TRAVEL Nazca / Paracas: $ 470 USD. per person (Will be open with a minimum of 8 registrants) MAXIMUM DATE TO CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION: October 1st, 2012 DATE AND PAYMENT: Cash, and pay us directly upon arrival at Lake Titicaca. ROUTE EXTENSION: Nov. 20th arrival to Lima. Free afternoon Nov. 21th tour Paracas / Nazca. All day Nov. 22th After breakfast return to their home country THE SCOPE OF THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES: 1. Two nights in Lima on Nov 20th and 21st 2. Breakfast on Nov 22nd 3. Lunch on Nov 21st 4. Transportation on private bus / Paracas / Nazca / Lima 5. Excursion to the Ballestas Islands with local guide 6. Flight over the Nazca Lines 7. Visit the gazebo Maria Reiche 8. Airport Tax in Nazca TRAVEL INFORMATION Paracas / Nazca: November 21st 4:00 am Departure from the hotel in Lima to Paracas. 8:00 a.m. Transfer to the pier for the tour to the Ballestas Islands, heavenly place to see the Humboldt penguins in danger of extinction, colonies of sea lions and beautiful birds such as Guanay, Piquero and Tendril. Exit to the city of Nazca, at a distance of approximately three hours. Flight over the enigmatic Nazca Lines, which according to Dr. Maria Reiche, the foremost scholar of these lines, it is the largest astronomical calendar of the World. Tourist lunch at the Hotel Casa Andina Nazca. Visit the gazeboMaria Reiche. Back to Lima approximately 23:00 hrs.

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now


ver entrevistas tv terapia integral online canal youtube 2012evolucion facebook: tony vázquez - Theevolution isnow facebook.com/criticalmassbeyond2012 facebook.com/evolutionisnow

Citizen of Planet Earth and the Universe, who in this 3D for over 20 years has been dedicated to the field in the Healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human beings, through the Integral Psycho / Spiritual Therapy, Workshop Instructor, Speaker, New Consciousness Teacher. She began her journey of preparation as Gestalt Counselor, specializing in the Approach of Human Beings, and then took the official training with Jhon Grinder, Creator as a Master in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has participated in several TV and Radio programs. Author of the CD "Caminos de Crecimiento"( Paths of Grow) and for 2 years run the Tv years the TV Programme "Here and Now" in the local tv in Queretaro city.

For over a decade, has lived the experience and spiritual preparation from metaphysics to quantum physics. She recieve the initiation of the Sword of the Archangel Michael to assist in the Physical and Spiritual Healing. For several years has been in service to expand consciousness into a New Earth. Since 2006 has participated in planetary activations and portals. Since 2007 she has co- organized and led retreats in places of Mystical Power in Uxmal in the Maya (Mexico) and Peru. In 2011 she was part of the call for an activation group in the 12th Sun Disc located in Lake Titicaca, Peru, and in June 2012 Cosmic Activation Venus Passage 5/6 June. Co founder of Evolucion del Ser, Evolution Is Now organization She currently lives in Queretaro, Mexico

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now

* PAU REMY * mexican

MAGNETIC BLUE MONKEY KIN 131 11 AJMAQ facebook: An ayatsin Theevolution isnow

facebook.com/criticalmassbeyond2012 facebook.com/evolutionisnow

I AM ... I come from the sun, behind the sun ... .. My real name is An*ayatsin ... I am ONE of the golden angels .... Aslan .... ... White Dragon. ... Dolphin. Love Warrior .... "I heard the call .... To wake up ... and walk with an open heart, to embody the true self ... and assume responsibility for walking the path of self- Mastery .... take the scepter and be a real Earth keeper ... in these times of transition and help to cross the bridge 11:11 to transcend the reality of duality and back, finally back to a genuinely new and expended for unity, freedom, abundance, truth and pure love .... that the New Earth is now ... The time is here and now .... from the center of the lotus ".... An * ayatsin 11:11 Bilingüal, Translator and international Mystical & archaeological guide in Power places at Mexico & Peru. Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Coach in Awakening Consciousness, Dimensional Shift & Planetary Changes. Since 2006 she co- founded the organization Evolucion del SER ( Evolution is Now) . She has dedicated to share her gifts and talents in sacred mission to expand awareness and achieve planetary ascension. Since 2006 she has commited to planetary service & global meditations and activations. Since 2007 she has organized mystical retreats and spiritual journeys to power sites in Uxmal Maya Zone (Mexico) and Peru. In 4 times she we has worked with Sun Disc at Mexico, 2 of which were activations

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now that she called & led recently guided the 11.11.11 global activation ceremony at this place of power. In 2011 we called a group to activate the 12th Sun Disc located in Lake Titicaca, Peru. In June 2012, we called the Cosmic Activation Venus Passage 5/6 June, an anchor group of the new codes, in the planetary entry point to Lake Titicaca. Co founder of Evolucion del SER, since 2006. Currently based in Queretaro, Mexico.





Once at home in Ancient Lemuriam the Earth´s Kundalini moved to Atlantis, then to the Himalayas. With every relocation it has changed our idea of what spiritual means. And gender. And hearts. After 13,00 years of being at the Tibet, and being of masculine nature, with much difficulty, the Serpent of Light (Earth´s Kundalini) has moved to the Andes Mountains. The Earth´s Kundalini, now of femanine nature, is fixed at the mountains in the Northern part of Chile, and it extends its physical influence directo to Peru, Bolivia and north parto of Chile. The guardian of this energy of new consciousness is a Peruvian Woman, inhabitant in a zone between island of sun and moon. In a very special ceremony, she has put into the lake Titicaca, a crystal of infinite value for keeping the akashic records and planetary history of this planet. (Drunvalo Melchizedek, Serpent of Light ) Lake Titicaca, another of Earth's chakras, contains a crystalline City of Light beneath its deep waters. To many seekers who have experienced Lake Titicaca, the City of Light seems more like a space station than a city. That is because, like Mt. Shasta City of Light, it is both. These Cities of Light serve as posts for many higher-dimensional Light Beings from other star systems. Lake Titicaca is the main headquarters for the Intergalactic Federation of Light. This Intergalactic Federation is comprised of members of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galactic Federations of Light. Milky Way and Andromeda are twin galaxies, also called cosmic twins. Other Intergalactic members are from the Great Central Sun, including Elohim, archangels, Supreme Beings of numerous galaxies, and even large sections of the universe. Centrally located in the Lake Titicaca subaquatic complex is Great Central Sun Temple that connects to the Earth Star Crystal at the center of Earth at its bottommost point. From the tip of its cone-shaped spire, in the the center of this large dome-roofed temple, is a portal that opens into the Great Central Sun. This Great Central Sun Temple literally anchors the Earth's connection to the Great Central Sun and to Divine Source. The other Earth chakras are located at: Mt. Denali, Alaska; Mt. Fuji near Tokyo, Japan; Mt., and Lake, Batur in Bali, Indonesia; Table Mountain near Capetown, South Africa; and Delphi, Greece. Each has its own City of Light, with its own function, as do all thirteen Earth chakras. At this time, Mt. Shasta and Lake

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now Titicaca are the only two Cities of Light anchored at ground level. The other eleven are etherically located above the physical cha kra sites. (Amorah Quan Yin . The Crystalline Cities of Light) Lake Titicaca corresponds to the Ascension in many different ways. It is a consciousness that enlivens each dimension and relates to the individual within a specified frequential resonance of these dimensions. At Lake Titicaca these frequencies are fixed to humanity and as such are more readily available to those who align with them. The Golden Sun Disc Within Lake Titicaca lies one of the great 'Golden Sun Disc'. It is omnipotent and is in turn activating all of the others. These discs are being programmed & activated into twelve-strand helixial spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of unconditional love, a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above. The Golden Sun Disc emerged in the time of LeMuria. It was of Sirian BArcturian construct and was for the planet Earth, what the Crystal Skulls were/are for mankind: A composite library of the Perfection Blueprint. It was the DNA code for the planet, and there were 12 composite frequencies that will again in 2012 form the one. THE 12TH GATE OF THE GOLDEN SUN DISC' - ARCHANGEL METATRON VIA JAMES TYBERONN

SILLUSTANI The archaeological site is located on the esplanade of the peninsula surrounded by the waters of Laguna Umayo. At the site there are burial tombs dating from the twelfth and fourteenth century, belonging to the Kolla culture, between 1200 & 1450 BC, developed in the north of the lake. The ancient inhabitants of Hatuncolla follow the particular tradition of in the doing the burial for their chiefs and priests in thwir funeral towers called chullpas. In the region you can see different ways of burying the dead that are in the most rustic to sophisticated mausoleums. To have a real awareness of the true architectural dimension Inca Kolla technology, there are some cylindrical or square chullpas who retain their original shape and can be appreciated by visitors


EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now We will arrive to the port to board the boat to the Uros Island wich is locaced in the Titicaca lake, the highest navigable lake of the world. Uros island was made with “Totora” an aquatic local plant. “Totora” is also used by the local people to made their houses and souvenirs. We will go to the floating Uros Islands, which are a set of floating islands inhabited by the Uros Indians, descendants of one of the oldest cultures of the Americas. AMANTANI ISLAND The sacred island of the earth and sky. Although the island of sun and moon are considered historical islands within the myths which gave rise to the birth of the dynasty of the Incas, in Amantani, we find the quintessential island of initiation. Thus, its energy has preserved deep secrets of Andean wisdom, sacred knowledge iho longer used or practiced by its inhabitants. This island consists of 7 archs where you can activate respectively the 7 chakras. A temple also dedicated to the Pacha Mama & Pacha Tata . Here our ancestors shaped the knowledge of the polarity. No other place in the Andes, where ideologically Amautas have wanted to preserve so precious knowledge. AYUMARCA STARGATE “AMARU MURU” Aramu Muru’s Portal, a doorway-shaped niche in a stone outcropping, located in a region known as the Valley of the Spirits. Here, we will make energy practices, guided visualizations and meditations connection with the Great White Brotherhood and the energies of the cosmic dragon. Read more on: AYUMARKA PERUVIAN STARGATE It is believed that a Incan became Uturuncu (Otorongo) (Huaman Poma de Ayala describing the worship that plays this sacred mountain of Pitusiray) It was the tenacious researcher, Walid Abraham who discovered extraordinary similarities between the Pitusiray misteryous shadows in (Cusco) and the Andean myth Unu-Urco (Urco water). As in all stories, a princess runs away with her lover and transformed into stone.

The myth of Unu-Urco was stabloshed by the people of Urco exactly the day when Walid, a year after his first encounter with the shadow of the ñusta, was preparing to board the Pitusiray. Some details such as the name of the Princess, who is also Paucarilla, Sumac-Tika or Qoillur Cusi and the names of the two chiefs of the area: Rumi Maqui (hand stone), the builder of the canal and Uska Paucar (the beloved) "In Urco I was told that the triumph of Rumi Maqui was thanks to a dream he had where Apu Kan Kan, God of the mountain and the lake which is at the top said: Why do you suffer Rumi Maqui if there is water on your head "

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He then established the relationship between the lagoon and Kan Kan propitiatory feasts in honor of water every year celebrated by the people of Urco.

THE MORAY CIRCLES Is a set of terraces or circular platforms. these platforms were used as a scientific laboratory from before the incas. these platforms are arranged in big circles which are sloping to the lowest part. To have an idea of the importance of this site, in peru there are 84 of the 104 microclimates that exist in the world. “All three of Moray's circles collect cosmic energy. Everything we think, feel or do in transmitted back out to the stars. Our family can hear us here. We can feel this energy. It is like a pressure coming down on top of your head.” Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - Moray, Peru

WAYNAPICCHU/ TEMPLE OF THE MOON AND CONNECTION WITH THE GOLDEN SOLAR DISK/ MACHU PICCHU Huayna Picchu means “young peak or the young bird” and is the mountain that is located to the north of the Inca city. The mountain, looming behind the lost city is an important part of the icon that we know as Machu Picchu as it forms the backdrop of most iconic Machu Picchu photos. Its highest point is 2700 metres and allows us splendid views of Machu Picchu and the nearby mountains. Huayna Picchuwas used by the Incas to build a number of complexes, like the impressive Temple of the Moon which is found at the back part of the mountain. The Incas also made a series of small agricultural terraces at the peak and some buildings. These buildings could have formed part of an astronomical observatory but also would have served as a lookout point over the city because from this point you can see all over Machu Picchu, Inti Punku and the paths that lead to the city. MACHU PICCHU – ONE OF THE 7 MODERN WONDERS Early morning transfer to the station to travel by train to Aguas Calientes, where it is located the sacred city of Machu Picchu, a magical place of extraordinary beauty that is the most important center of mystical and esoteric cult of the Incas. Ascend by bus to Machu Picchu (old mountain), known as "The Lost City of the Incas." The tour at the Citadel, visiting the Main Plaza, the Circular Tower, the Sacred Solar Clock, the Royal Quarters, the Temple of Three Windows and the cemeteries. We will conduct inthis connections and sacred meditations. In the afternoon we'll go back to Aguas Calientes. The space is composed of 140 structures or features, including temples, sanctuaries, parks, and residences that include houses with thatched roofs. There

EVOLUTION NOW ® EVOLUCION DEL SER http://evolutionnow.webs.com www.evoluciondelser.net /criticalmassbeyond2012 /evolutionisnow @evolutionisnow evolution is now are more than one hundred flights of stone steps –often completely carved from a single block of granite –and a great number of water fountains that are interconnected by channels and water-drains perforated in the rock that were designed for the original irrigation system. Evidence has been found to suggest that the irrigation system was used to carry water from a holy spring to each of the houses in turn. According to archaeologists, the urban sector of Machu Picchu was divided into three great districts: the Sacred District, the Popular District to the south, and the District of the Priests and the Nobility. Located in the first zone are the primary archaeological treasures: the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun and the Room of the Three Windows. These were dedicated to Inti, their sun god and greatest deity. The Popular District, or Residential District, is the place where the lower class people lived. It includes storage buildings and simple houses. In the royalty area - a sector that existed for the nobility - is a group of houses located in rows over a slope; the residence of the Amautas (wise persons) was characterized by its reddish walls, and the zone of the Ñustas (princesses) had trapezoid-shaped rooms. The Monumental Mausoleum is a carved statue with a vaulted interior and carved drawings. Machu Picchu in Peru, is one of the four inter-dimensional portals on the planet. The portal of Machu Picchu needs to be used and kept pure by spiritual people in order to raise its energy. As a High Priest in Atlantis, Thoth had access to the Intergalactic Council and from them he channelled the spiritual laws for Earth. Using his enormous power he used the metals from the planet to set the ley lines and these were used to enable people of that time to fly. Thoth guards the portal of Machu Picchu. To know more about the secret mystical history of Machu Picchu read the article MACHU PICCHU, SECRET HISTORY REVEALED


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