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Datastage Designer

Datastage Designer

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A shared container has properties in the same way that a job does.

To edit the properties, ensure that the shared container diagram window is open
and active and choose Edit Properties. If the shared container is not currently
open, select it in the Repository window and choose Properties from the shortcut
menu. The Shared Container Properties dialog box appears. This has two pages,
General and Parameters.

The General page contains these fields:
v Version. The version number of the shared container. A version number has
several components:

– The version number N.n.n. This number checks the compatibility of the
shared container with the version of IBM InfoSphere DataStage installed. This
number is automatically set when InfoSphere DataStage is installed and
cannot be edited.

– The bug fix number n.n.N. This number reflects minor changes to the shared
container design or properties. To change this number, select it and enter a
new value directly or use the arrow buttons to increase the number.
v Enable Runtime Column Propagation for new links. This check box appears
for parallel shared containers if you have selected Enable Runtime Column
propagation for Parallel jobs for this project in the Administrator client. Check it
to enable runtime column propagation by default for all new links in this shared

v Short Container Description. An optional brief description of the shared


v Full Container Description. An optional detailed description of the shared


Chapter 6. Making parts of your job design reusable 105

Shared containers use parameters to ensure that the container is reusable in
different jobs. Any properties of the container that are likely to change between
jobs can be supplied by a parameter, and the actual value for that parameter
specified in the job design. Container parameters can be used in the same places as
job parameters.

The Parameters page contains these fields and controls:
v Parameter name. The name of the parameter.
v Type. The type of the parameter.
v Help text. The text that appears in the Job Container Stage editor to help the
designer add a value for the parameter in a job design (see "Using a Shared
Container in a Job").
v View parameter set. This button is available when you have added a parameter
set to the grid and selected it. Click this button to open a window showing
details of the selected parameter set.
v Add parameter set. Click this button to add a parameters set to the container.

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