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Tagalog Trivia

Tagalog Trivia

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Published by Ronnie Tolentino

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Published by: Ronnie Tolentino on Aug 11, 2012
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1.Who is the only man who could play beautiful music with a leaf?*Levi Celerino 2.

who is the woman with the largest collection of shoes as per guinness book of world record in 1986?*Imelda Marcos 3.who was the man who took away the largest loot in history?*Ferdinand Marcos 4.The guinness book of world records has redcognized ______________for crafting the world's largest pair of shoes?*marikina city 5.According to the Guinness Book of World records, the biggest amateur golf tour nament takes place in what place?*baguio city 6. where did the world's largest synchronized auerobics exercises took place?*Ri zal park in manila 7. where is the worlds largest lantern made ?*san fernando, pampanga 8. who is the world's fastest reader? a student at the Northwestern University i n Chicago Illinois?*Maria Teresa Calderon 9. who is the fastest chilli eater in the world?*Eriberto Gonzales 10. who is the world's Best Finance Ministerin 1997?*Roberto de Ocampo 11. world's Best Central Bank Governor in 2002?*Gov. Rafael Carlos B. BUenaventu ra 12. Who won the world's Young Business Achiever Award in London in 1997?*Jose Do nato Pangilinan 13. what can be considered as the world's sweetest mango produced?*carabao mango of guimaras 14. what is the world's largest legal tender?*P100,000.00 commemorative bills of the Philippines 15. The world's largest bamboo organ?*Bamboo organ at St. Joseph Church in Las P inas 16. World's largest High School in terms of student population?*The Rizal High S chool in Caniogan Pasig City 17. world's longest barbeque in 2002?*Kalutan ed Dagupan festival in dagupan cit y 18. where could you find the world's largest Flower?*Sibalom National Park in An tique Province 19. what is the local name of the world's largest flower found in february 2002? *Uruy (Rafflesia sp.) 20. where was the world's largest salad made?*Baguio city 21. who weaved the world's longest mat?*Basey, Samar 22. what is the worlds largest pearl called?*pearl of lao-tzu 23. where was the largest pearl found?*Palawan sea 24. world's largest covered coliseum in 1959?*Araneta coliseum 25. what is the most populated islands in the philippines 56% as of 2000?*luzon 26. What is the most populated region in in the Philippines 11.8 million as of 2 000?*Tagalog region 27. what region in the Philippines has the most cities as of 2002 with 16 cities ?*Western visayas 28. what province in the Philippines is the largest ?*Palawan 29. what province in the Philippines has the largest population?*Cebu Province 30. what Province in the philippines is the most Densely populated?*Cavite provi nce in Southern Tagalog 31. what province in the philippines is the poorest?*Sulu Province 32. what province in the philippines has the most cities?*negros occidental 33. what province in the philippines has the most municipalities?*cebu province in central visayas 34. what province in the philippines has the most Barangays?*Iloilo province in western visayas 35. what province in the philippines has the least population?*Batanes province 36. where is the most populated city in the philippines?*Quezon City 37. where is the most polluted city in the Philippines?*Baguio city 38. who is the greatest filipino athlete of all time?*Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno 39. who is declared the greatest world junior lightweight boxing champion in WBC history?*Gabriel "Flash" Elorde 40. who is considered the greatest flyweight boxer of the century?*Pancho Villa

who is the heaviest Filipino boxer who became a world champion?*Ceferino Gar cia 47. who is the bronze medalist in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics in the High Jump Event?*Simeon Toribio 42. who is the Filipina Bowler who won the gold medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympic? *Arianne Cerdena 49. who is Asia's first grandmaster in 1974?*Eugene Torre 48.41. Ohio in 1970 50. who won the gold medal at the first Muhammad Ali Cup Invitational Boxing Cha mpionship?*Roel Velasco 43. who is declared the world's number 1 billard player in 1998?*Francisco Djang o Bustamante 46. who is the Filipino weightlifter who won the gold medal in the flyweight div ision of the world weightlifting championships held in Columbus. who won the 1979 World Cup and FIQ world Championship in Bowling?* 44. who is the filipino claiming the right for the invention of the Sing-along-s ystem that eventually led to the development of karaoke?*Roberto Del Rosario . who is considered the worlds fastest shooter and the six-time world champion in pistol shooting?*Jethro "the jet" Dionisio 45.

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