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Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar (Case Study) 2012

Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar (Case Study) 2012

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Published by: ftubinformationdep on Aug 11, 2012
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For establishing a theoretical framework for this thesis, I wanted to investigate
various theoretical notions of what I had determined was the essence behind the surge of
Chinese FDI in Myanmar: national interest. However, I remained unsatisfied to any one
theoretical explanation until I arrived at the discussion of national responsibility in the
school of international society. Realism, neorealism, and liberalism simply possess too
many holes when discussing this particular case of FDI in Myanmar, so I will introduce
three particular schools of thought and critique them, explaining why they do not apply to
this case. Then, I will analyze national responsibility and argue why it is the best lens in
which to look at this particular situation.

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