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Assignment of project management On ARTF organization

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Mrs. Shruti Sharma

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Case of ARTF
1. Case facts : ARTF is the first organization to implement the SAP system. In this organization there is no exposure for employees to grow more. Employees were not involved in any of the activity happening in the company.

2. Situational analysis : Due to not involvement of employees in any activity they could leave the organization. There is incompetency system from employees. Lack of communication between employees any higher authorities.

3. Problem identification : There is lack of decentralization.

There is lack of participation of employees and ignorance of employees is there. Lack of communication due to which the whole concept is not communicated to employees

4. Alternatives : Organization should provide training to employees so that they should know how to operate the new system. New suggestions should be given to employees. Employees must be involved in every activity so that they should know what is happening in the organization.

5. Alternative analysis :According to me new suggestions should be given to employees so that they should work better.