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DREAM:IN Brasil - Report

DREAM:IN Brasil - Report

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Published by DreamIn Initiative
A comprehensive account of DREAM:IN operations and activities in Brazil up to the DREAM:IN Brazil Conclave
A comprehensive account of DREAM:IN operations and activities in Brazil up to the DREAM:IN Brazil Conclave

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Published by: DreamIn Initiative on Aug 11, 2012
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Led by the Vivarta Institute, the DREAM:IN method discovered the real aspirations of the Brazilian people in partnership

with six universities.

CatChing and Realising dReams
here in Brazil, DREAM:IN, a collaboration that involves a global community and is about local aspirations, is being led by Vivarta institute, to discover the dreams of Brazilian people. In partnership with six Brazilian universitie, and 1 American university. 240 students and 20 teachers from six major universities in Brazil have been working together to distill the dreams of Brazilians. In big cities throughout the country, teams collected insights to reveal the true aspirations of the people and their potential as entrepreneurs. Everything was documented through films, photographs and the results will be presented at the DREAM:IN Brazil Conclave on 9/10/11 August.

so, what is dReam:in?
DREAM:IN is a global movement with significant local players and action; to create lasting socio-economic change. DREAM:IN is also the convergence of seemingly opposing forces of growth & impact, investment & innovation, the real and the virtual, education and practice. In essence DREAM:IN is an ‘inside-out’ process, methodology and system to change the basis of impact investing and value creation from needs to dreams, from systems to self. Conceived by Sonia Manchanda, co-founder of Idiom Design and Consulting, India along with Carlos teixeira, Associate Professor, Parsons New School of Design, New York as a project, in 2011 to shift the basis of value creation from needs to dreams. DREAM:IN has transformed itself from a project into an independent organisation within a year of its inception. Currently led by Kush Medhora out of India, it is working on searching for, selecting, shaping, supporting and investing in a hundred young entrepreneurial dreams in hundred days. Besides that, DREAM:IN is also being prototyped as a method of bottom up development through the adoption of a district called tumkur on the outskirts of Bangalore, India. DREAM:IN tumkur is working closely with an agrarian community to transform farmers into a Agripreneurs. A global investment community has come forward to back the DREAM:IN organization.

Claudia Meirelles Davis claudiamdavis@vivarta.org.br www.vivarta.org.br www.dreamin.com.br

DREAM:IN BRAzIL, is led by the Vivarta Institute in Brazil and has been in development since January 2012, when professors from six DesigndDepartments of Brazilian universities started to be trained to teach the DREAM:IN method. the method aims to bring innovation and the creative input of designers into the process of entrepreneurship, or “Design thinking” as it has come to be known. In Rio de Janeiro, the method has been applied, in partnership with PuC-Rio City hall and the Firjan, in the revitalization of the Docklands and the City Centre. In addition, 80 other sociocultural opportunities have been identified and implemented under the “Agripreneur” title - as the name implies this is the marriage of agriculture with entrepreneurs. the initiative has been implemented with the cooperation of local businesses in the province of tumkur in India since April 2012 in an effort to improve basic services such as the population’s access to safe drinking water and development of agro-tourism. Back home in Brazil, Design Departments of five other higher institutions were also involved in DREAM:IN; the School of Advertising and Marketing of São Paulo (ESPM-SP), the university of Brasília (unB), the State university of Minas Gerais (uEMG), the Federal university of Maranhão (uFMA) and the university of Vale do Rio dos Sinos, in Rio Grande do Sul (unisinos). “It is time to awaken the dreams of Brazilians, and not justo dream about them. We need to make the country believe that it is possible to realize them. the DREAM:IN project is a way to invert the pyramid, away from the minority on top that points out what has to be done and what is “the truth”, and listeg to ordinary people who also have a voice. We believe, therefore, that it is possible to perform creative work using innovative solutions that are capable of generating new livelihoods for the third millennium, “says the executive director of the Vivarta Institute, Claudia Davis. “We are a young nation, ethnically diverse, with almost 200 million inhabitants, we have an area two and a half times larger than India, and we are actors on the world stage in many industries. We have a large untapped entrepreneurial potential and we need to know ourselves more deeply“, considers the president of the board of Vivarta, homas Cunzolo Jr. On the 9th, 10th and 11th of August, 400 participants, including leaders, students, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs will gather at ESPM-SP School of Advertising and Marketing) in São Paulo to watch the videos collected by the universities, and to hear national and international Big Dreamers testimonials: choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo; entrepreneur Luis Ribeiro of Catarse, a crowdfunding website; Alessandra França, creator/founder of Banco Pérola focused in microcredit; George Koukis, owner of temenos, a venture that had failed multiple times and that in his hands has become a leading provider of software for the global banking system; Prof. José Carlos teixeira, Associate Professor at Parsons the New School for Design, specializeg in innovation through design in emerging countries, Sonia Manchanda, founding partner of Idiom Design and Consulting and Chief Creative Officer of the DREAM:IN organization besides Kush Medhora the Chief Executive Officer of the DREAM:IN organization, headquartered in Bangalore, India.

about the ViVaRta institute
www.dreamin.com.br https://twitter.com/#!/ DREAMIN_BR http://dreamil/com.br/ blog http://www.facebook.com/ pages/DREAM:IN Brasil

the Vivarta Institute is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), headquartered in São Paulo. Founded in January 2007 by Claudia Davis, a management consultant and homas Cunzulo Jr., ran entrepreneur, Vivarta’s main mission is to promote sustainable human development in the Brazilian socio-cultural universe in an entrepreneurial way. For their work, the Institute received in 2008, a 2nd place Prize foe Best Social Environmental Project frome the A CASA Museum in São Paulo, Brazil.

ouR PeoPle
Claudia meirelles davis co-founder and current Director of Instituto Vivartad creator of the awardwinning project Café Igaraí, an entrepreneurial arts & crafts business for a group of local women who work on coffee plantations. Claudia has 20 years of experience in international supply chain management, a Business degree from the top Brazilian school EAESP at Fundação Getulio Vargas and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Tomas Cunzolo Junior has 15 years of experience in the import/export of housewares and gift products and retail supply chain area. he graduated in Business at the top Brazilian school EAESP at Fundação Getulio Vargas and holds a post-graduate degree in Management and Marketing from the same school. together with Claudia M. Davis he started the Café Igarai project and co-founded Vivarta Institute.

Luiza Tolosa undergrad in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics and Business at uSP (university of São Paulo) with semesters abroad in Canada, uSA and France. Worked during two years for Integration, a business consultancy, in the areas of finance, project management and strategic planning. Works since 2011 at Vivarta Institute as the DREAM:IN as project coordinator during which time she spent 2 months at Idiom, a design and consultancy business in Bangalore, India to learn more about this innovative method. Jose Carlos Teixeira a phd from the institute of design at th, Illinois Institute of technology, Associate Professor at Parsons the New School for Design, New York and an expert in the of design thinking for scale-up of innovation in emerging markets.

Sonia Manchanda co founder and Principal Designer at Idiom Design and Consulting. With vast experience in creating sustainable design systems, brands and experiences while setting up India’s most vibrant design firm.

Kush Medhora CEO, DREAM:IN Social Networks, has over 21 years of experience in the professional space with expertise in General Management, Consultancy, Project Management, Operations, New Business Development and Modern Retail. having worked in established companies, his last few assignments have been in a top Management position with a focus on creating processes and systems that are designed to deliver sustainable bottom-lines.

ouR PaRtneRs

PARSONS School of design strategies New York, NY


IDIOM, Bangalore


UFMA Sao Luis

Un B Brasilia UEMG Belo Horizonte ESPM Sao Paulo PUC-Rio Rio de Janeiro

GLOBAL COORDINATORS Carlos Texeira Sonia Manchanda
UNISINOS Porto Alegre

BRAZIL COORDINATORS Claudia Meirelles Luiza Tolosa

PARSONS School of Design Strategies New York, USA

UFMA Sao Luis

30 Students 3 Faculty 20 Students 2 Faculty

UEMG Belo Horizonte

20 Students 4 Faculty 12 Students 1 Faculty

PUC-Rio Rio de Janeiro

120 Students 9 Faculty 20 Students 3 Faculty

UnB Brazilia

ESPM Sao Paolo

UNISINOS Porto Alegre

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[ [

[ [

[ [

[ [

[ [

IDIOM/SPREAD Bangalore, India

dReam:in bRasil JouRneY

dReam:in bRasil VentuRes

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