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Published by: Jason Tldr Patterson on Aug 11, 2012
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Fantasy Role Play


Jason J. Patterson

not coins. most older economies and especially the L. rather than gold being the "coin of the realm". until they too were assigned intrinsic values and made of other metals.WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY WFRP does not use Pounds as its largest value amount.62. which originated in the early 1600s and weighed between 7-10 grams of gold. In fact. which were irregular shaped slivers of silver. also silver coins. from Latin origins. known as "L. were silverbased.s. = = = = = = So it is plain that what WFRP calls a "Crown". while the second part of the basic exchange rate is correct (12 pence or pennies = 1 shilling).s. the first is completely wrong and the pound has been replaced with the gold crown. Troy or Avoirdupois Pound at different times or locations.. there are 20 silver shillings to the pound because a pound of silver was actually cut into twenty pieces which were made into individual coins.59 grams. he simply cut a penny into fourths and spent the needed "fourthing". Germany.42 . while each a pound of silver was 435. different metals being used for different coins is for easy in-game differentiation of denominations. 2 . primarily set in a fantasy analog to the Holy Roman Empire. of 453.d. but instead substitutes Gold Crowns (GC).d. like the crown substitution. much like modern paper money. Also. rather than a physical pound of silver. for a very long time. A pound was an actual weight of one pound of silver. but does keep Silver Shillings (S) and Brass Pence (P). making gold 57. and while this might have reflected a Tower. WFRP 1 and 2 Inter-Coin Exchange Rate: 1 Gold Crown = 20 Silver Shillings = 240 Brass Pence 1 Silver Shilling = 12 Brass Pence Unfortunately. meaning when one needed to spend less than a penny. and geographically. WFRP does not make explicit use of farthings. specifically under the rule of Emperor Maximillion I. worth 20 silver shillings. everything in this work is addressed from the aspect of simplicity and suitability for game use. for a simple calculation of "Gold Value = Silver x60" for the 14-1600s. so the pound and shillings were both silver – it is the metal coin most people dealt in. For the most part. with 240 silver pennies per pound. pennies were." or "Pounds/Shillings/Pence". the following could be considered fairly solid standards: Historical Coin 1 Gold Double Sovereign 1 Gold Fine Sovereign 1 Gold Sovereign 1 Gold Royal/Ryal 1 Gold Crown/Angel 1 Gold Noble 1 Gold Dbl. "S" for Solidi and "D" for Denarii. were simply shavings or cuts.59 or 454 grams. merely smaller. most of WFRP's coinage conventions are pretty inaccurate. for many payments.5 Silver Shilling 2 Silver Shillings 6 Pennies 4 Pennies 3 Pennies = 2 Pennies = 4 Farthings COINS AND MONEY WFRP 1st and 2nd Edition. The pound was usually a unit of account on paper and mostly paid by a "pound note" or bank bill. Only in the late 1600s and later did the actual metal weight and its value began to be replaced by intrinsic value assigned to coins by governments. And just for trivia: while coins existed that were worth 1 shilling (12 pence). no actual “shilling” coin ever existed. which is where the worn-out term "silver piece" comes from. or from the twenty split "silver pieces". in modern times). and so the smaller denominations like pennies were represented by brass or copper. which were abstractly and literally "a fourth of a penny".14 times as valuable as silver (without taking each metal's debasement into account). in a broad sense. because they too. make use of the eventually mostly standardized European and most well known Britush currency system. Rose Crown 1 Gold Double Gold Shilling 1 Gold Quarter-Angel 1 Gold Shilling 1 Sixpence 1 Groat 1 Thruppence ("Threepence") 1 Half-Groat 1 Penny = = = = Value 40 Silver Shillings 30 Silver Shillings = 20 Silver Shillings 15 Silver Shillings = 10 Silver Shillings = 8 Silver Shillings = 5 Silver Shillings 4 Silver Shillings 2. Next. so it is a standard pound Avoirdupois or Imperial Standard Pound. with the "L" (£) standing for Librae (which represents Great British Pounds Sterling as an example. Moreover. is in fact a Sovereign. Although coin values fluctuated vastly over the years and centuries in various cultures. either from the larger pound of silver.

680 pence (or 140 shillings or 7 pounds/gold crowns).12 $65. In most medieval and similar times. could be comparable to WFRP's "Laborer".54 $0.41 $60.00 $ 4.55 per £1. cultures. 3 . Although both have changed significantly over the years.While it's nearly impossible to make accurate.52 $4.00 (£34.00 $ 3. indicating WFRP's nominal timeframe is around the year 1500.50 $61. who makes right at $60. For example.00 $ 6. but most agree that most peasants did work mostly six-day weeks.00 $ 3.s. we get $9 (£5.00 $ 3. or $108 per shilling and 6 shillings ($648) for a 2 week paycheck.70 HUSD MUSD MUSDPHP $59. we'll say both serf and modern worker work 280 days per year for an annual wage of 1. a serf also inherited or lived and worked on family land or land leased to him by his lord and he rarely paid rent or other texes other than once a year.33 $0.17 $60.00 $ 3. we get around $54.00 (£38. so 36 p (3 shillings) per week.d. so let us just go with the WFRP standard idea of 6 pence per day.00 $60. So the Laborer works between 6 and 10 hours a day. and makes 6 pence ($54) a day.00 $ 4.05** $62. but cut back a bit due to eventual taxes and jobrelated expenses.S. but this document uses the 6 p/day baseline.01** $64. and if they took naps or breaks and how many perks they got.00 $ 15. for 3 silver shillings ($324). wage and cost-of-living wise. useful comparisons between modern and much older eras. and of course skilled laborers.88 $0. with some minor adjustments. Year 1300 1350 1400 1450 1500 1550 1600 1650 1700 1750 1800 1850 1900 1925 1940 1950 2012 HLSD 2f 1p 2p 4p 6p 8p 10p 1s or 12p 1s/1p 1s/2p 1s/3p 1s/4p 2s/6s 10s/5p £1/12s/3p £38. level of technology.43 $0. due to various differences in government.00 $65.50 $62. as far as "leaning" in a conservative or liberal manner.00 $62. and often made his own food and clothes.50 $63.00 $ 4.00 $ 5.42 $60. tradesmen.80) per penny. merchants and other business owners made much more than this.00 $63. such as fast food or grocery store cashiers and other entry level positions with little upward mobility or future. and use that as the "universal" wage. if each are looked at in context only of its own time. but work was also different and a number of different ways existed to profit and make a living.70) per day.30 $0. women) made even less. system went metric in 1971 (100 pence = £1) WFRP MONEY CONVERSION: OPTION I WFRP uses a base minimum wage of 6 p per day for even a Poor quality Laborer. 6 days a week.50 $61.d. such as gifts or extra food from their lords and such.s.00 $ 62.63 $2. There are also disagreements about work not being possible during winter for a large number of people. and an unlucky few (children.02** $59. used as an analog for its counterpart timeframe.75 $1. Some historians disagree on how many hours peasants or serfs worked.83) per day. Below is a general low-wage chart for the years 1300 -1950.00 $ 1. and almost 13p per day for a Farmer.00 $ 10.50 $64. and there were no utilities such as phones or electricity. so for the sake of simplicity. most unskilled workers and laborers made around 6 pence per day. including barter and trade and helping each other. didn't exist until 1780s *: The L. lifestyles and spans. If we equate the Laborer to the modern 2012 U. so it is hard to say what a good direction would be. but also the few things you did buy ranged anywhere from cheap to outrageous. daily wage (£/s/p) HUSD: Historical USD daily wage MUSD: Modern 2012 USD daily wage equivalent MUSDPHP: Modern USD Equivalent per Historical Pence **: Extrapolated value of USD. commerce and other factors. servants.33 $0.00 $ 3. minimum wage worker. including magic.00 $118. Dividing this by the 1500's Poor Laborer's 6 pence.00 $ 7. it's possible to draw some rough comparisons.00 $ 32. unskilled laborers and other jobs that could be considered "wage slave" employment.30 $62. and whether farmer or employee. two universal standards are working for pay and paying for things.00 HLSD: Historical L.

000 USD per year. 30 lb haunch Milk. fuel.72 p. quart Wine. pint Brandy.25 p >2p >3p >3p >6p > 10 p > 0. Bread. the main problem here is that even with the usual exaggeration we expect from WFRP on some items.52 Historical Coin 1 Gold Double Sovereign 1 Gold Fine Sovereign 1 Gold Sovereign/Pound 1 Gold Royal/Ryal 1 Gold Crown/Angel 1 Gold Noble 1 Gold Crown of the Double Rose 1 Gold Double Shilling 1 Gold Quarter-Angel 1 Gold Shilling 1 Silver Shilling 1 Double Groat 1 Sixpence 1 Groat 1 Thruppence/ThreePence 1 Tuppence/TwoPence/Half-Groat 4 Farthings 3 Farthings Ha'Penny/2 Farthings (1/2 Penny) 1 Farthing (1/4 Penny) 1/2 Farthing (1/8 Penny) 1/4 Farthing (1/16 Penny) 4 .16 8.33 4.33 4.000.08 0.00 83.66 33.25 p 0. three $1 bills and a quarter and a dime.00 25.00 4s 400. So realize each penny represents $8.36). Roughly converting the 7 pounds (which WFRP refers to as gold crowns) annual wage of 1510 to 2012 terms equals about $14.5 p.66 4f 8.00 1.33 Coins 40 s 30 s 20 s 180 p 120 p 96 p 60 p 48 p 30 p 24 p 12 p 11 p 10 p 9p 8p 7p 6p 5p 4p 3p 2p 1p 0. using the other wage figures quoted above. roughly the late 1500s and early 1600s. pint Meat. Each penny is: a $5 bill.00) and 3 shillings is $300. watered Orig. 1 lb Cheap Pie Cheese. the price of cheese and other items here are just beyond astronomical. dozen Fish. Good Ale. Good Mead.50 p >1p > 0.72 s per 12 lbs (0.13 p 0.66 83. meal Spirits.90).33 25.00 10 s 1. of cheese for a Tudor soldier cost 1. I decided to just correct these.16 1f 2.08 16.0 gc 2. let us round all this down by assuming some further job costs.06 s per lb or 0.06 p >3p >1p > 0.33 75.75 p 0.00 50.00 8.00 1s 100. shillings $100 (£64. Keeping the same work week of 6 days for $300.00 0. 1 Fish. taking a day off now and then. fresh.24 100. to make it more intuitive. it is conceivable to leave weapon and armor and the more game-related item costs alone. It is here that WFRP's prices are really blatant.75 p >1s > 0. 2p 1p 13 s 2p 30 p 2p 50 p 3 p+ 15 p 2p 3p 5p 10 p 18 p 3p 1s 2p 6s 4p 1p 1s 10 s 1s New >1p > 0.16 25. Poor Food per Day.00 91. 1/2 lb Butter.33 6.500. Avg. Twelve pence make a shilling ($100. Rather than puzzle over why WFRP thinks cheese needs to be 50 p instead of the 1510 historic 0.00 16.000.25 f 0.5 s 250. food.00 66.Although we could leave it at this.77 p.00 5s 500. 1 lb Delicacy Eggs. cow/goat.0 gc 4.66 50.16 4.50 p 0.66 58.000.000 USD (£1. 1 lb. and each gold crown actually works out to $2.50 >2p >6p >1p $USD 8. Food per Day.00 15 s 1.50 p > 10 p > 0. pickeled. and obvious that while I can see for game balance.06 p WFRP USD2012 2.33 4.50 f 1.00 1.00. quality Wine.66 25. not even 3/4 a pence). given the analogs present between the Empire's KarlFranz and the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.33 50.33 4.00 2.33 3f 6.50 p > 0.33 (£5.50 p >3p > 0. Maximilian I. pint Beer. pint Rations Rotgut. pint. rounding up to reflect WFRP's inflated prices. barrel Food per Day. to arrive at $50 per day.04 0.00 2s 200.289. In the Elizabethan period of Shakespeare's time.00 41. who died in 1519. each penny is worth $8. Bret. or a dozen eggs should cost 15 p instead of 0.00 2.00 8.000.52 25.24 2f 4. though cheese should be even cheaper.00 8s 800.5 gc 3.334 or just $8 to keep it simple. since WFRP's timeline likely is closer to the early to mid 1500s.49) each.16 16. pint.16 83. quart Soup.

and that is from the commercial goods basis first. other than dorms or camp-grounds or such. watered to some extent. making pennies a day. Riding Breeches Tunic Coat.00 as per Option I without the pocket change.33 oz) per coin works out to 3. Gr is the coin's weight in grams. and which makes real-world sense. Wid is the coin's width or thickness.66 $ 58. but 48 coins.456 g.00 $ 50. but WFRP uses the Pound/Shilling/Pence system. Light Orig. just a corner of a room or table to collapse into/onto. and gold coin transactions of crowns being rare. Clothing Belt Boots. As noted. merchants and of course. totals 435. lodging and some supplies. weighing about 9 grams or 0. Keeping a standard symmetry gives a coin about the dimensions and weight of a gold US Sacajawea dollar. 9 g (0. Because I have previously fixed the food prices.59 g and 16 oz (1 lb or 0. Dia is diameter given in millimeters (mm).33 $ 16. and there are a lot of things to choose from. with 28. will cost around $3. a multiple of 3. a pint (16 oz) of cheap beer. 50 coins per pound is a standard found in many game systems. Historically. but it is evident many other things need re-priced.33 standard avoirdupois ounces (not troy). meaning for accounting purposes. The WFRP2 core rules and Old World Armoury state that all coins are mechanically identical.66 From the above charts.00. short two 9 g coins of 50. usually in a plastic cup at some event or even some bars. 3s 3 gc 15 s 1 gc 3 gc > New >5p >1s >6p >2p >7p USD $ 41. Now a quick look at inns. 3 coins is an ounce or 28. Inn Service Common Room Private Room Average Inn Meal Orig. Most peasants may have never seen gold coins in their lives. This work discounts that assertionfor reasons explained later. and although size isn't specified. It's hard to try to estimate a price for a common room as that isn't really a typical modern arrangement. coins varied greatly.50 penny cost. for the sake of completeness.00 $ 58. 1-3 p 5s 2p > New > 1-3 p >7p >2p USD $8-25. then extrapolating the value of wages from that. determining their value. making each penny $8.33 COIN SIZES AND WEIGHTS While this is addressed in a different area of work. also in mm. Here is a simple guide to “standardized” coins. etc. about 26 mm (1 inch) in diameter by 2 mm thickness (same as a nickel).64 USD or more.66 $ 100. This means 25 coins is 1/2 pound or 0. so it's best to leave the 1-3 p price as a spot in an inn's common room. and I don't like "jagged" numbers so I round up to an even $4. brass or copper pennies used for everyday incidentals like drink.25 kg.35 equaling 1 oz.WFRP MONEY CONVERSION: OPTION II Now. 5 . a weight of about an ounce per coin is given. I'll leave weapons and such alone because they play an important "reward" role in the game. I'd need to look at other equipment next.35 grams. as a $300 belt is a bit flamboyant. In 2012. to make 50 coins equal 453.50 kg). I will summarize the WFRP extrapolated coin size and weight information here. with the silver shilling being the common coin of exchange for “medium” to “large” purchases. successful adventurers. food. to represent this 0.00 $ 16. bronze. occurring only among well-to-do citizens.125 coins per oz. there is a second way to approach money conversion and understanding.

and contradicts itself in each book.6 0. it's best to ignore fewer than 50 coins for Encumbrance. Despite the WFRP2 core and Old World Armoury asserting coins weigh roughly “an ounce”.COINS AND ENCUMBRANCE WFRP2 makes use of many Encumbrance formulas to account for objects' real-world weights.10 0. Coins 1 5 10 50 100 200 300 400 500 750 1000 Enc 0.02 0.05 3.20 lbs or 100 g This reflects coin storage for purses and pouches. bulks and densities.20 1 2 4 6 8 10 15 20 Coin Measures Oz Kg 0.50 320 10 G 10 50 100 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 7500 10000 6 . there are 50 coins (5 encumbrance) to a pound (or 500 g).01 1.2 0.33 0.10 0. which is a fairly reasonable. simple. Coins: 10 Coins = 1 Enc = 0.50 1 5 10 20 30 40 50 75 100 Lbs 0. Unless you're very interested in exacting detail. historical and easily used average. so this is my chosen and suggested method for coin Enc. this work replaces this with a value of 1/3 oz per coin.50 32 1 64 2 96 3 128 4 160 5 240 7. Using this measure.10 16 0.

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