Q1. Who is the first IT company to get CISF security in India? Ans. Infosys Q2.

Technical advisor to Prime Minister of India ? Ans. CSR Rao Q3. Football 2010 world cup is being held at Ans. South Africa. Q4. The new IAEA chief is... An. Youkia Amano Q5. Instrument used to measure blood pressure ?? Ans. Sphygmomanometer Q6. RBC are also known as.. Ans. Erythrocytes Q7. Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission is expected to complete till? Ans. 2022 Q8. Arihant > nuclear submarine is based on nuclear reactor capacity of ? Ans. 80 MW. Q9. Sweetest form of sugar ? Ans. Fructose Q10. NH-15 connects which 2 cities? Ans. Amritsar to Pathankot Q11. The president of India can submit his resignation letter to ? Ans. Chief Justice Of India Q12. The constitution of India article no. ____ states that "child below 14 year s of age are not allowed to work in industries and companies." Ans. Article 24. Q13. The minimum age to be a judge of Supreme Court is ___ ? Ans. 35 years Q14. The naval exercise of KONKAN was a joint venture between? Ans. India and Britain Q15. The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) is locate d in ? Ans. Nagpur Q16. The Untouchability League founder was? Ans. Mahatma Gandhi Q17. Pellagra is a disease caused due to deficiency of ? Ans. Niacin Q18. Moplah Rebellion took place ? Ans. Malabar Q19. The source place of River Krishna? Ans. Mahabaleshwar Q20. COP 16 to be held at? Ans. Mexico Q21. Bear Lake is situated in which country? Ans. USA (alaska) Q22. Tipaimukh dam is located in which state? Ans. Manipur. Q23. Sex ratio according to latest census in India Ans. 933 Q24. The political guru of Mahatma Gandhi is ? Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhle Q25. The chief of the three Tribunal forces of India? Ans. A K Mathur Q26. Who was the INC president at the Surat split in 1907? Q27. African river that crosses Tropic of Capricorn twice? Q28. The Highest peak in the Satpura/sacchnanda(name just slip 4m mind) Range is ? Q29. Negi won award of____ (thomas cup/ and other three options)

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