Part I

Chapter 11

1. Create a Query that has Year, State, Lines, and Quantity Sold. 2. Create drill down paths for all three dimension objects. 3. Experiment with the different levels and then adjust to the following format: Year should drill to quarter then month State should drill to City then store name Lines should drill to category then to color 4. Create a filter with a prompt for city using Austin, for the year 2001, using the line sweat-t-shirts.

5. Examine the results of the query and drill through all columns. Try drilling below the specified levels for Year and Product, does it work? Examine the query afterwards, are there any changes?

6. Create a copy of the report and make it into a pie chart. Drill through the table, and notice that the pie chart also is drilled through. Next drill through the pie chart. How is drilling through the chart different from drilling through the table?

examine the options for drilling. Go to the Web Intelligence Document Preferences.7. Schedule the document to run every 4 months. Change the following drill options: a. start on duplicate report b. Go back to the report and take a snapshot. 10. Save a copy in the public folder as a PDF. Go to the Document List and send it to your current user. synchronize drill on report blocks d. prompt if drill requires additional data c. 11. . Reopen Lab Chapter 11 and drill through the year as far as possible. 14. What happens and why? 9. 15. Add a discussion to the document (small arrow on the lower right hand side) 16. Save the document as Lab Chapter 11. What changed? Part II Chapter 12 13. what did the snapshot do? 8. hide drill bar 12. Try changing the order of the drill downs. example put month before quarter.

Save your changes . bold.) It will be imported to the currently open folder. Add a local excel document. Open the report and add alert if the quantity is above 100 make it green.17. Part II Chapter 13 18. Go to preferences and change view to interactive 19. (any excel document will work. and italicized if its below a 100 make it red and underlined 20.

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