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My NI application crashes at startup (PC)

Eine deutschsprachige Fassung dieses Artikels finden Sie als PDF unterhalb des englischen Textes. This issue might occur if the application tries to load the driver [1] for the onboard sound card of your computer while different sample rates are set for the individual outputs of your sound card(s). Make sure the sample rate [2] is the same for all individual inputs and outputs of your sound cards: Go to the Windows Control Panel and open the Sound control panel. In the Playback section (where the outputs are listed), click on an entry and then click the Properties button. In the Properties window, click the Advanced tab and check which sample rate is set in the dropdown menu (in the example screenshot below, the sample rate is set to 44.100 Hz). Do this for all entries in the Playback section and make sure the sample rate settings is the same for all of them. Then repeat this whole procedure for the entries in the Recording section (where the inputs are listed).


If this does not resolve the problem, carry out the steps below: 1. Close all applications. 2. Download and unzip the '' file from the 'Attachments' section below this article and unzip it. 3. Double-click the .reg file with the name of your NI application. 4. Confirm the import. Then proceed as described below, depending on whether you are using an external audio interface or the computer's on-board sound card:


a) If you are using an external audio interface: 1. Start your NI application. 2. Go to the Audio settings and choose your interface's ASIO [3] driver as audio device. b) If you are using the on-board sound card: 1. Download and install ASIO4ALL from the link below: [4] 1. Start your NI application. 2. Go to the Audio settings and choose ASIO4ALL as audio device.
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