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Insulation Company

The insulation company installs thermal and acoustical insulation products on buildings, plant and equipment. Insulation is a very effective tool to improve the energy efficiency that assist in reducing the impacts of climate change. The insulation of the buildings helps maintain the heat during the winter and summer to provide comfort and save energy.

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority in Victoria, insulation reduces the costs of heating and cooling over 40% and it pays back its costs around five to six years.

In Australia, around 200,000 to 225,000 homes are insulated annually. The insulation industry is in the growth phase of life cycle (Insulation Services in Australia, report 2011). Thus, our product will have a good opportunity to increase the revenues and at the same time reduce the impacts of climate change. Furthermore, the government subsidy programs assist the insulation implementation; this will help our business to grow.

The main service is the installation of batts and blanket into building ceiling and wall cavities. The insulating materials are polyester fibre, rockwool, glasswool, and natural wool or colon fibres. However, around 60% of the revenues usually derive from installing batts and blankets.

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