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Classical Science By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., Phd, Coif Perpetual (C)Copyright and (P)Patent by Anthony J.

Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The People of God and The American People as a Perpetual Public Domain Copyright and Patent It is generally understood that the Material Universe is composed of Matter, Form, and Space. Science tells us that reality is best known through: Experience, Understanding, Judgment and Reflection, which is the Scientific Method of: Data, Theory, and Confirmation of Theory. Now, in Science there are Classical or Necessary Laws, Statistical Laws, and then Statistical Occurrences. Put another way, we can see that: 1. Classical Law or Necessary Law, for example, F=M x A (Force = Mass x Accelleration) 2. Statistical Law Fp1 = Mp2 x Ap3 (p= probability quotient) F(p) = M(p) x A(p) or F(p1) = M(p2) x F(p3) (The only valid Standard Deviation that can be used is .00001%. which gives a valid Statistical Correlation of

99.9999999%) 3. Actual statistical events or facts. Data