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1. Investment solves for the public/private participation their Crowley evidence advocates 2. No brink if none of the other stimulus attempts triggered the impact, theres no reason to believe the aff will 3. No snowball effect healthcare debate proves 4. Perm do the plan and reject government intervention in all other instances solves the impact 5. Perm engage in public discourse about investment takes out their offense 6. Hayeks alternative implodes the economy, turning their impacts Fontevecchia 8/18/11 (Agustino, Independent Journalist for Forbes, Hayek Is Wrong, And So Is Bernanke: The Coming Recession Will Be
Deflationary, Srinivas thinks its time for more fiscal stimulus , not less . Not all economies can print IOUs, but the U.S. can he explains. Spending

cuts will tip the economy into recession. A Hayekian decline, the economist says, will destroy the social fabric, and its not clear that the economy will pick up as before. Taking a Hayekian stance would imply cutting spending and forcing a deflation so that asset prices would return to a point where they reflect the underlying value of assets. In other words, letting the price mechanism, and not a distorted, intervened market do it inefficiently. Srinivas agrees the price mechanism is the most efficient resource allocator, but he doesnt believe it is necessary suffer the blow of a mass deflation. Its just better to manage the decline rather than having a huge explosion, he says.