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Position Paper

Committee: Futuristic Committee For Control Of Artificial Intelligence (FCCAI) Topic : artificial intelligence Industry : Mahindra & Mahindra Delegate : phani Kumar N.V.V

The automobile is reinvented over the past thirty years. New challenges result from the limitation of emissions and the increasing demand for mobility. Recent EURO standards has made compulsory to limit the emissions. Every country also made mandatory to improve the mileage of vehicles and set the standards for manufacturers. So new method of manufacturing has become inevitable. R&D department of Mahindra & Mahindra has contributed their best from 2020. In manufacturing sector, we utilized artificial intelligence to the peaks. Mahindra & Mahindra has worked in past years from 2020 in reducing the emission contents and improving the mileage .it also provided maximum comfort to passengers. Company concentrated more on design safety and aero dynamic factors during manufacturing. Mahindra has introduced a variety of cars with low co efficient of drag in markets. Company achieved more than 35 miles per liter in some luxury car variants. Thanks to artificial intelligence and robots for achieving this feat. In our company manufacturing unit , all the complicated assembly works are done by robots.robo sapiens have done a tremendous job in R&D with their extra ordinary talents. They provide best solutions in designing and analyzing the condition of proto types. A wide of variety of products have been developed by them. However, they dominated man in this aspect. Number of skilled labour has been limited. For purpose of profits and economic stability for the future, we started replacing more workers with robo sapiens .this is because of immense competition in market. Thus robo sapiens contributed a lot to environment by reducing carbon emissions with their smart solutions to industry and in manufacturing segment. Mahindras specially developed robosapien helped us to firm our place in market as a top automobile industry.