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6023 Winding Ridge Lane Port Orange, FL 32128 February 10, 2012 Gary Crocker, CTO IntegrityWare, Inc.

13064 Trail Dust Ave. San Diego, CA 92129 Dear Mr. Crocker: I've come across your position for an entry-level software engineer as posted on I am excited about your need to expand and hope you will consider me for this exceptional opportunity in 3-D graphics engineering. Through a commitment to further education, I have undertaken coursework towards a second Bachelors degree in computer science. This new direction, coupled with my past educational experience in artistic studies, provides a vast wealth of knowledge for use in working on subject matter both logically and creatively. My current studies are focused on the science involved in computer graphics which translates directly to your current need. To help supplement my education, I have experiences in both artistic and simulation training fields through past and present employment.. During my work with Cecropia, I was given a vast array of tasks and I showed that I can handle many different supporting roles. While working with Raydon, I was able to learn a great deal about terrain and model development pipelines. I was trusted to meet deadlines, and did not take that responsibility lightly. I hope to someday have the opportunity to do the same for you. I would be honored to have an opportunity to continue developing my skills with you and IntegrityWare. I hope you find my qualifications to meet your high standards and I hope to look forward to further discussing them with you in person. Sincerely,

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