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So you want to call yourself a Christian: What you should probably know There are two creation accounts

s The patriarchs The timeline What does the bible actually say about hell? Literal or Metaphorical: Why tassels on a cloak? A discussion of all Gods rules Given that God is love and also omnipotent.. Discussion based classes on why Would really have to get into why god asks us anything rules for rules sake vs. guidelines Catholics and Baptists and Mormons, Oh My! A quick history of the church and its various divisions Now we got through everyone who calls themselves Christians and see what exactly separates them Bonus: find out what denomination youre from! Following Christ: A practical guide Enough chitchat about why, go show that you understand it Love your neighbor! Other religions! What exactly do they believe that we are rejecting out of hand What separates us from them Is there any truth in their beliefs Christ or Christianity? the beliefs and practices of the church throughout the ages Do we do what we do because of God or because its what weve always done? Look at greek orthodox, crazy traditions, charismatics Analyze a normal church service what comes from what? Modern Ethics! (Mostly debate based) Piracy Vegetarianism Fair trade Civil disobedience Chapel: what is entailed in organizing a church service Might lead to better chapels (snack providers, fresh blood) This is the world and it is awesome: Nature! Skills!

In my head this is basically a collection of videos of awesome things. Perhaps this would go better as a weekly intro to chapel. Or supplant chapel entirely.