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I. Forming adjectives. Add y or write the word on the blank provided. _______________1. thrift _______________2. smell _______________3.

3. pain _______________4. harm _______________5. cheer _______________6. boast _______________7. shadow _______________8. thank _______________9. moss _______________10. show

ful to the words to make it a describing word. Re

II. Complete the table by filling the missing degrees of comparison of the a djective. Base Form -er form -est form wide better cheap most dangerous noisy III. Encircle the answer that best corresponds to the sentence. 1. Laura is the (lovelier, loveliest) among the muses. 2. Stephanie is (tall, taller) than Kishia. 3. Badminton is the (fast, fastest) racquet game. 4. Blood is (thicker, thickest) than water. 5. Mat is the (fast, fastest) of all the runners in the contest. 6. Their house in the province is (simpler, simplest) as compared to their house in Manila. 7. Her skin is as (white, whiter) as a snow. 8. The place is (bright, brighter) in the evening. 9. A rag doll is (cheaper, cheapest) than a Barbie doll. 10. Mt. Everest is the (highest, higher) mountain in the world. 11. I feel (colder, coldest) this Christmas season than before. 12. The comfort room is (nearest, nearer) our room than the drinking fountai n. 13. Her book report in English is (longer, long) as compared to Filipino. 14. This is the (meaty, meatiest) chicken I have ever eaten in my whole life .