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* This Ticket Is Good for One Seat At The First and Only Showing Of a Misses Thistle Cobblemans Hanging.

Sundown The Imperial Amphitheater Your Keeper of the Peace, The Watch Enjoy the show. * Enter, Thistle Gray rain dripped slowly from the thunder sky, the clouds star-illuminated in the dusk. It threaded into Thistles clothes and needled cold pins into her skin, pricked gooseflesh into her arms and legs. She was standing on a stage, but how she had gotten there, she'd forgotten. Oy, dearie. Stop yer cryin. Be bad for the skinnie, the executioner muttered into Thistles ear. A strand of spit foamed out of his yellow encrusted teeth. She quickly dug the tears out of her eyes. Its time. And you dont want to go out lookin like that when its time, do ya? There was a Watchman in the stands. He was handing out tomatoes. When it be too borin, you just throw, hear? he shouted into the storm. You none too dimwitted to do that, eh? They all stared in their hands like they were holding rubies. So hungry. Oy, dearie. The fumes of the executioners breath roiled in her ear. Thistle bit down on a sob. It fluttered in her stomach, trapped. Its time, dont ya hear? Go on, girlie. Thistle forced her legs to move. Go on. She stared at them. Go on. A thin beam of light sizzled and popped in the wet as she made her way to center stage. There it was, swinging in the shadow. Come play, it whispered. Her heart tried to escape its skeleton cage. Theres so many games we can play. A tomato splashed onto her arm. She watched as the blood pulp ran down her skin in river rivulets, dripped from her fingertips. Wondered if someone threw it just to show they were none too dimwitted. Tears stung behind her eyes. Thistle imagined putting her throat on the rope, invisible fingers knotting the cord around her neck. I'll be askin' for you to step hereright in the middle, now. Perfect. And they squeezed and tightened and pulled until her soul just popped out of her mouth and flew away. Now your throat right there yes, thats right, thats good. Until the girl that was Thistle Cobbleman was just another body, billowing in the bitter autumn breeze. "We have an objection." Curtain Close