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Name: Rizkiyan Ardi Nugroho Nationality: Indonesian Martial status: single Present Address: Pandean .st rt23 rw03, Kedok, Turen, Malang, 65175, Indonesia Phone: cell: (62) 87854765182 Email: 2010 present B.S. Degree - FACULTY OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY SEPULUH NOPEMBER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY , Department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering 2007 2010 HIGH-SCHOOL Senior High School Negeri 1 Malang 2011 (December) Head of organizing committee in National Innovative Material University Competition (NANOVERSION) 2011 (September) Coordinator of concepting team in Program Literatur Islam Terpadu (PEARLITE) 2011 2011-present Staff of Research and Technology Department, HMMT FTI-ITS 2011-present Staff of Human Development Department, LDJ Ash-Habul Kahfi JTMM 2007-2008 Staff of Division 4 OSIS SMAN 1 Malang 2012 (4 months) Pengaruh Variasi Komposisi Serat Batang Pisang dan Serbuk Bambu dengan Matriks Epoxy pada sifat Mekanik Komposit untuk aplikasi Papan Partikel Mebel. In progress Selected projects by Dikti on Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa 2012, fellowship IDR 9,112,500 First winner in Material Science Paper Competition HMMT FTI-ITS 2010. Best Five PKM-GT Competition Cakil FTI-ITS 2010 Semifinalis of Industrial engineering games HMTI ITS 2009 - Indonesian and Javanese, mother tongue, English; read, write, speak, German; just a little Reading, especially technology Enjoying nature and playing soccer Meeting people, learning about different cultures / customs,


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PPWI (Pewarta Indonesia) PM3I (Persatuan Mahasiswa Metalurgi dan Material se-Indonesia) By request - email to