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Normal Defenses

Spontaneous Movement
Toward People (friendly, loving personality)

Neurotic Defenses
Compulsive Movement
Toward People (compliant personality) Against People (aggressive personality)

Against People (survivor in a competitive society)

Away from People (autonomous, serene personality)

Away from People (detached personality)

Basic conflict

Feelings of helplessness

Protection against hostility of others
4. Power 5. Exploitation 6. Recognition & unassailability 7. Personal admiration 8. Personal achievement

Feelings of isolation

Neurotic Trends

1. Affection and approval 2. Powerful partner 3. Narrow limits to life

9. selfsufficient and independence 10. Perfection and prestige

Intrapsychic Conflicts

> refers to a conflict between the id, ego, and superego. > a direct result of a behavior that does not justify ones beliefs.

2 Important Intrapsychic Conflicts

Idealized Self Image
In an unhealthy environment, the individual tries to develop a sense of self realization so as not to feel inferior, thus they desperately acquire a stable sense of identity that is exaggerated. 3 Forms of Idealized Self Image Neurotic search for glory Need for perfection (shoulds and should nots) Tyranny of the shoulds Neurotic ambition Compulsive drive towards superiority Drive toward a vindictive triumph Humiliating others

2 Important Intrapsychic Conflicts

relentless demands on the self Merciless self-accusation Self-contempt Self-torment Self destructive actions and impulses


anxiety is the core of mens needs to subjugate womens issues to wish to humiliate men womb envy, or mans envy of womens ability to bear children



of penis envy is reasonable

Men and women were equal outside of the cultural restrictions often placed on being female