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Phone Screen 1: 1) Give a list of number s in a file and a very small amount of memory, Sort the file 2) How

you will store a binary tree in a text file. Write algorithms to store the tree and retrieve it back 3) Given an array with integers 0,1,2 sort the array by swapping elements. 4) Given a binary tree and a node , find the depth of the node. Phone Screen 2: 1) Given a binary tree print every possible path that sums up to k (Not from root to leaf or anynode to leaf. But from anynode to anynode including a node and its left and right branches) 2) Given integer number n, Print all valid parenthesis n=3 => 3 open brackets and 3 closed brackets. 3) Write an algorithm for partial key hashing. i.e; if Flipkart is inserted in the hash then searching for any of the sub strings should return the value stored 4) Given a sorted array with duplicates but inverted at certain point (6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5) how would you search for an element. 1)Implement a LRU cache for multithreaded/multiprocess environment (To code this in 1 hour or so).

2) Given a permutation of a string , Find lexicographic rank.

3) Count number of inversion in a file of integers, that is too big to fit in RAM 4) OO for snake and ladder game , OO for Snake and ladder game server 5) Design for concurrency issues of DB