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ARC WELDING: welding process in which the heat needed for fusing is

provided by an electric arc between the electrode and the part to be weld.

Work lead Cable returning the current to the arc welding machine. ground clamp Tongs connecting the part to be welded to the work lead. arc welding machine Device providing a current to the electrode; the currents intensity depends on the nature of the parts to be welded and the electrodes characteristics. electrode Detachable metal pin; it conducts the current and produces an electric arc. welding curtain Movable panel that stops the sparks and harmful light rays emitted while welding.

cutting torch Burning acetylene produces a very hot flame that can cut through metals such as steel.

Cutting oxygen handle Device directing the oxygen to the cutting tip, where combustion takes place. Cutting tip End of the torch, whose opening produces a flame concentrated on the surface to be cut.

Welding torch Torch for joining metal parts using a flame produced by burning gas.

Mixing chamber Part of the torch where acetylene and oxygen are mixed. The proportion and flow of the gases, regulated by the valves, determine the flames properties. Acetylene valve Valve controlling the volume of acetylene entering the torch. Tip End of the head tube; combustion takes place where it opens. Head tube Detachable part conducting the gaseous mixture to the nozzle. Handle Rigid tube containing the conduits for the welding gas; it also makes the torch easy to handle. Oxygen valve Valve controlling the volume of oxygen introduced into the welding torch.