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MiniDisc Magneto Optical Basics Course MO-1 Training Manual MiniDisc Magneto Optical Basics Prepared by: Sony Service Centre Europe & Sony Service Company A Division of Sony Corporation of America Course presented by on Attended by Disc - Magneto Optical Basics Table of Contents 1 Introduction pl 2. Basie Technology Overview pl 2.1, Specifications pl 2.2. Disc Types p. 2.3. Shock Proof Capacity p.3 2.4, Random Access, Pregroove p.3 2.5. Recordability pd [| 3. Block Diagram lp 31 REC/PB Path ps 3.2, Servo Path po 33 stem Control plo 4. The Minidise Format pil 4.1, Physical Format pu 4.2. Recording on the Dise p.16 43. Readout of the Dise p18 44 Track Layout p19 4.5. Data Format p22 4.5.1. The Link Concept p.23 4.52. Data Format cont'd p24 4.6. Address Structure P. 4.6.1. Address in Premastered Disc p.27 47. Data Structure p. 28 4.7.1. Sound Groups in the Data Structure p.29 D. P. 4.7.2. Data Structure in TOC and UTOC 30 4.73. Lead-out 5.1. Start up Sequence p.34 The Mi Optical Block Uni 6.1, The Woll: 2 The Detector Block p32 63, Laser Power and Noise Handling p40 F 7 Operati 8 ATRAC Know-how p. 44 8.1, ATRAC Input p44 8.2. Psychoacoustic: pd! 83, ATRAC Operation p47 9.___Conelusion ps: