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BACKGROUND The Rwanda Family Medicine Association (RFMA) was founded in 2011 by Family physicians (academic staff) and the Residents in Family and Community Medicine program in National University of Rwanda. The Department of Family and Community Medicine (FAMCO) was formed within National University of Rwanda Faculty of Medicine (NUR-FOM) in 2006, to respond to a need stated by the Ministry of Health and various health leaders for strengthening and improvement in the quality of the primary health care system of Rwanda. The FAMCO curriculum and Masters of Medicine program was developed in collaboration with the published programs of Moi University of Kenya and Makerere University of Uganda, with technical assistance from the University of Colorado-Department of Family Medicine of the USA. This new M-Med program was accepted and approved by the NUR and the Ministry of Health of Rwanda in 2008, and the first promotion began the program in August 2008. OBJECTIVES 1. To unite all members of the Family Medicine professionals and safeguard their interests 2. To provide advice and assistance to its members. 3. To provide spokesmen for any member seeking the assistance of the RFMA. 4. To promote the ethical, scientific, professional, cultural, social and economic interests of the family medicine profession. 5. To secure the freedom of Family Medicine practice in the interests of the patient. 6. To strengthen the Family Medicine profession by maintaining the standards of education, ethics and patient care. 7. To work with national and international bodies. VISION The RFMA vision is to be a strong association that aims to transform the health care in Rwanda into a patient centered primary health care and inspires future leaders by demonstrating the best practice of Family Medicine.

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