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I place on record,my deepest sense of gratitude to my professor, Dr.________, for his research guidance and incessant mentoring, which proved to be invaluable inputs to my wholesome development. His dedication to his job is truly unmatched. I trust and highly respect his passion for teaching. He is a very organized and focused academician (check spelling) who delivers challenging, interactive and inspiring lectures. He prompts his students to reflect, share insights and opinions and invokes thinking in new ways. I admire his efforts in consistently seeking to inculcate in his students, professionalism and an evergreen passion for learning. His way of analysis, concise instructions, prompt response and vast knowledge-base are conducive to quality work. His approach and methodology of guidance helped me to explore new arenas in research and integrate the knowledge gained in a practical and useful way. My work experience with him was wonderful. Throughout my course work, his assistance, support and feedback through thoughtful, constructive comments have been tremendously useful. I am indebted to IIT Delhi for allowing me to foster my career to greater heights with this acquired knowledge.

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