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Published by: revolutionstudio1011 on Aug 12, 2012
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This is loosely inspired by my favorite short story Edgar Allan Poe “The Tell-Tale Heart”, and has been a passion project of mine for years now. It follows an unnamed narrator who insists on his sanity after murdering his wife whom the narrator insists has a "vulture eye". The murder is carefully calculated, and the murderer hides the body by dismembering it and hiding it in attic. Ultimately the narrator's guilt manifests itself in the hallucination that the wife's heart is still beating.

EXT. NEW YORK CITY - Park. City lights. The soaring bridges and glowing windows of New York City. The SOUNDS of early morning birds. EXT. near a lake. A party of bohemian types in the park. A man and a woman in their 20's ...Laura is working in the garden. Martin, intelligent good-looks, and Laura, a patrician beauty, a woman amongst girls. He's been making her laugh.

Scene 1: Initial meeting Establishing shot.

Martin Here is your scarf…… Laura Oh thanks Laura I hope you haven't been watching me; I'm not very good at sketching. Martin Uh, I was just walking down here. It is very good.

Laura Thanks Martin You were sketching something. Laura It is just basic scenery. You can look at it, if you want. Martin Can I? Laura Though it's not very good. . Martin Oh, I wouldn't say that. I think that's... that's good. Laura I uh... uh... - It's not very good. . But I love sketching. Most of the time, I have all these thoughts bouncing around in my head. But with a brush in my hand, I let my thoughts flow and take shape and a form. Martin I think you can probably make some money selling it. Oh no, I don’t think so. Martin Are you an artist? Laura No, of course not. I'm not an artist. Martin Well, what do you do? Laura I volunteer for animal rescue/shelter. Martin

That's great! Laura Yeah, it is. Martin What's your name? Laura. Laura What's yours? Martin Martin Laura What do you do? Martin What I do? What I do? Um... I am entrepreneur. Laura Oh! That's fantastic. Martin It's a wonderful job of mine. Laura Are you with any company? Martin Yes I am actually. They are called blueman group Laura Oh, that's fantastic! Laura How old are you? Martin How old do you think I am? Laura Twenty eight Martin You think I am twenty eight. Laura Sorry, so how old are you? Martin

Twenty six. Martin How old are you? Laura How old do you think I am? Martin 21 Laura No 20 Scene 2: Next day Cut to: Laura Wait, wait, stop. Laura You have a lady bug in your hair. Martin tries to blow it off. Laura Wait wait. It means good luck. Laura Make a wish and then you know ………..blow. Martin closes his eyes and makes a wish… Laura wait, what is your wish? Martin If I tell you, then it is not going to come true. Laura No, all you have to do is say it out loud. Martin Okay. Laura Tell me. Please. Martin I wish I could spend more time here talking to you. Laura Hmm. After walking for a while... Scene 3: Next day 2 Martin It just makes you feel... Peaceful here. Looking at a building Martin They really do seem at peace.

Laura Why don’t you sketch me with the building? in the background? (She smiles at him) Laura hands over sketchpad. He looks up at her, surprised, and we CUT TO: Laura The last thing I need is another picture of me looking like a china doll. As your friend, I expect to get what I want.\ She poses on the divan Laura Tell me when it looks right to you. Martin Uh... just bend your left leg a little and... and lower your head. Eyes to me. That's it. Martin starts to sketch. He drops his pencil and she stifles a laugh. Laura I believe you are blushing.mr big artist. Scene 4: Next Fall Cut to: Next fall. Laura and martin are engaged. TIGHT ON Martin as his eyes come up to look at her over the top edge of his sketchpad. PUSH SLOWLY IN ON Laura’s FACE... Martin Morning, Laura. Laura I like a man who dresses up on a holiday. Martin Business. Laura And on our vacation. Martin Do you forgive me? Laura How about these? Aren't they beautiful?

Martin I told the Blanchard’s we'd do their stupid party. Martin All your hard work. I'll call them and cancel. Laura No, we can still go to the party. Laura I can do my work tomorrow. Scene 5: Next fall/Move in INT. inside VILLAGE APARTMENT, LATER.

Later, Martin and Laura dance. They move well, in sync, looking into each other's eyes. He slides his hand down the silk of Laura’s dress until it rests in the small of her back Close on their hands. Their fingers slowly entwine as they lose themselves in each other... SMASH CUT TO: INT. NIGHT, PRESENT. Close on Laura’s face... Laura In front of the mirror Martin That's a pretty dress. I wouldn't have thought of it. Laura You were thinking the red? Martin - The black, actually. Laura - Well, it's backless. It could be chilly tonight.

Laura and Martin go for a walk. Outside walking down the street Scene 6: towels misplaced. Next day. Early Morning. Int. Inside the Apartment. INT. DRESSING ROOM -. Laura sits alone at her dressing table. The mood is subdued. Across the room, martin sees Laura. Martin walks in. Martin Come with me. Laura Isn't it a little early for this? Martin Everything in here as it should be? The towels are not proper in the restroom. Martin is very particular about things. Laura I don't know why I forgot. Martin Well, we all forget things. That’s what reminding is for. Laura Thank you. Cut to: Laura is in the kitchen. Laura is preparing dinner. Martin walks in. Martin What's for supper? Laura Lamb with rosemary and the peach chutney, new potatoes and baby peas. Martin Sounds great.

Laura I was going to make that herb bread that you like. Martin I can hardly wait. Scene 7: doctor Ext. outside the apartment. Martin is talking with a neighbor outside his house. Martin walks in.Laura is fixing up the flowers.

Martin Nice-looking man, the doctor. Laura - Doctor? Martin - He says I have a beautiful house. Martin When was he in here? Martin Yesterday while I was in town? Laura - Martin, I don't know the doctor. Martin - Sure you do. Martin Young, good-looking. Martin He says you've been staring at him from the window all day. INT. Inside Apartment. Martin hits her. Scene 8: Laura alone Cut to: Next Day

Laura at central Park. Laura Sitting on the floor. Laura throwing stones into the river. Scene 9: breakfast scene/Mother Cut to: Int: Inside the Apartment. Laura brings him breakfast. At dining table. Laura speaks.

Martin I'm sorry we quarreled. Martin You want something. I know my princess. I’m waiting. Laura Mrs. Clark called from the animal rescue. Laura - She said they could use me full time now for volunteer position. Martin - You already volunteer three mornings a week. Martin And I support that because I know your love for animals. Martin Maybe you can take up a paid position. What about our home. Don't you love our home as much? Laura Has your dinner been late to the table even once? Martin Oh, I can remember not so far back it was late. By two days. Laura That was six months ago. Laura My mother was all I had. I'll never forgive myself for not bringing her to live with us. Martin You shouldn't beat yourself. You always treated her with love. Laura She died, Martin. Martin How could I not go to her funeral?

If you had told me, I would have taken you, given me a chance to pay my last respects. Martin But you sneaked off inexplicably. Laura I didn't sneak off. Martin - Need I remind you how I worried? Laura - No. Laura You reminded me enough the night I came back. Martin - You aren't suggesting I enjoyed that? Laura - Oh, God, no. Laura That would make you a monster. Martin If I didn't know you better, I'd think you were provoking a quarrel so you'd be unable to go out with me later today. Martin Don't you think? Cut to: Scene 10: fight regarding money INT. INSIDE APARTMENT. Laura finds money withdrawn from her bank account. Martin comes up behind her, careful to keep his distance. INT: Inside living room. We see Couple arguing, going back and forth.

Laura U know martin, Money is missing from our joint savings account. Just talk about what happened.

I know it is you. I don’t know what is in ur head unless you tell me. Martin I don’t know I don’t want to know Laura How do you not know, you don’t have thoughts Laura All you have to do is say it out loud Martin I don’t want to say something that isn’t true Laura Then dont.it is living hell here.we have been saving money for a while now. Martin Iam not doing this right Laura Then when Laura You are never here.you are outside. Martin What Laura Iam alone Laura I have no idea where you are Martin You don’t need to know Laura That is right, you don’t need to know Laura Let us not know anything Martin That is not what am saying Laura Just act normal Martin

I can’t always be here Laura Tell me why Martin Because I can’t Laura That’s it, you can’t Laura You are so pathetic Martin Stop Laura Stop u did this, not me. Laura It is always me Laura What did I do than, everything we argue, and I feel like iam disciplining a 5 year old. Laura Where are you going? EXT. CAR - NIGHT. Martin walks out to the car, stops and looks back at the house. Grabs a hammer from inside the car. Int: INSIDE HOUSE Martin comes in, hits her. Int: INSIDE CLOSET. Martin grabs a blanket from closet. INT: INSIDE KITCHEN. Puts blanket over her. INT: ACROSS HALLWAY Martin carries the body across the hallway into the closet. INT: INSIDE CLOSET He grabs a ladder puts her in the attic. He calls ray-his buddy. Scene 11: talks with Rey

EXT: TIMES SQUARE Ray goes into the alley to answer the call.

Martin Rey What’s up? Martin It’s done K we talked about Martin We talked about Laura Martin Just like u said Rey Say again Martin I need your help. Rey Just hold on. Rey Alright We were fighting again Martin She started screaming .I remembers what u told me. Rey You are not making any sense. Martin When you first told me, I didn’t think I could. I didn’t think I could. Then the screaming. Rey Taylor, what happened Martin I hit her She is dead Rey This is really a sick joke Martin I was remembering in the bar I told about Laura. I was drunk, I was messing with u Martin I put her in the attic what are you talking about? Martin

Rey Taylor, just tell me it is a joke Right now or else iam hanging up/ Rey Hello Martin What is wrong with you? Rey You are talking about murder, Taylor Martin It was your idea Rey We were drinking It was just talk, I actually didn’t think u were actually psychotic Martin It is done I can’t undo it Martin Please don’t leave me, do this alone. Rey You are alone Rey Iam hanging up Martin I would never have done this if it wasn’t for you Rey What am I supposed to say? Martin rey.i can’t fix this on my own Martin Iam going to screw it up Martin I messed up, I should have told you Martin

Iam sorry, she was screaming, I couldn’t take it. Martin I snapped I need u. Martin I don’t know what to do Martin We will do it together we won’t get caught. Martin rey No Rey Iam not coming Rey Don’t call me again Martin rey rey INT. inside apartment. Martin falls into chair, holds his head. With a "New Yorker." magazine beside him. He does not know what to do. Int: Inside apartment Martin is washing blood stained floor. Martin hears a noise, he looks up. Martin goes upstairs. Martin opens the closet door. Blood is dripping from the attic. Martin brings in the ladder. Martin falls down from the ladder. Martin looks at the mirror. He is hallucinating. Martin goes into the restroom to wash his hands. Martin goes into kitchen. Scene 12: Laura’s friend Martin hears the doorbell. Jenny is at the front door. Jenny is Laura’s friend. Laura’s friend So you are alive You are alright Martin Yea Martin

Laura is not here Laura’s friend She just called me 20 mins ago. Martin She left Laura’s friend Her car is still here Martin She must have walked Martin What are doing? Laura’s friend Calling her Martin What did you want me to tell me? She left Laura’s friend Why would she leave, with any other stuff? Martin It was fight, she stormed out Laura’s friend Didn’t come home again Taylor Laura’s friend Can’t just get that one right Taylor, can you. Martin That is none of your business Laura’s friend It is, Every time she calls hysterically because of you Martin By tomorrow it will be nothing Laura’s friend Why not just leave You don’t love her Laura’s friend Why stick around. Just walk away Laura’s friend Leave her alone It is best thing you can do Martin Like I said by tomorrow I will be nothing. Laura’s friend

Sure Laura’s friend Can I trust you to call me when she gets back? I didn’t think so Scene 13: Cop Cut to: INT. inside the apartment. Martin notices a cop car outside his apartment. He panics. Martin opens the bottom right drawer of his desk, props up his feet and lights a cigarette. Martin wearing sunglasses. We don't yet see what the cop is describing initiallyCop Good evening sir Martin Can I help you? Cop We received some complaints from the neighbors about the noise Martin No iam sorry about that Everything is fine Cop Do you mind if I look inside Martin There is no really need, like I said Cop It is fine right Martin Yes Cop Then it should be alright if I look Martin Sure Cop Are you arguing with ur wife? Martin Girlfriend

Cop She still in the house Martin No she left Cop How bad was the argument? Martin You are here Martin It was an argument Cop Your neighbors reported some noise other than the yelling Martin I was angry Martin I never touched her Cop I didn’t say you did Do you mind if I look upstairs? Martin I told you no one else is here Martin Iam sorry if I wasted your time Cop Iam not accusing you of anything Cop I just have it to see it for myself Martin Of course Cop You can wait down here Cop I will just take a quick here and I will be out of here Martin I don’t have time to wait, I have to go somewhere Martin I don’t know what you are looking for Cop Take a step back and let me see both your hands Cop Alpha 220 requesting a 1078 Cop Take a seat over here for me sir

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