Directions: Get to know your peers by finding out someone who matches the descriptions below. Write the person’s first name in the box. Some of the questions require you to write their answer in addition to their name. For example, for the box “was born in another state,” you would write which state that person was born in, in addition to his/her name. You may use a person’s name only 2 times for any box. When you are finished, call out BINGO! The first person to finish will win a prize! Was born in another state State: _______________ Name: _______________ Has green eyes Can name 5 Texas Rangers Can sing I’m a Little Teapot (with the motions) Name: _______________ Can name all the books in the New Testament Name: _______________ Plays a musical instrument Instrument: _______________ Name: _______________ Can name all the books in the Old Testament Has visited Illinois Wears a shoe size 6 or 7

Name: _______________ Has two pets _______________

Name: _______________ Can wink with both eyes

Name: _______________ Enjoys reading for fun

Name: _______________ Has a brother

Name: _______________ Is an only child

Name: _______________ Wears glasses or contact lenses

Name: _______________ Has a sister

Name: _______________ Plays on an athletic team (or is planning to this yr) Sport: _______________ Name: _______________ Has a same hobby as me: Hobby: _______________ Name: _______________

Name: _______________ Has a birthday this month Date: _______________ Name: _______________ Can speak a language other than English: _______________ Name: _______________

Name: _______________ Likes to eat Mexican food

Name: _______________ Rides his/her bike to school

Name: _______________ Was an AWANA Cubbie, Spark, and T & T.

Name: _______________ Listens to the same type of music as me Type of music: _______________ Name: _______________

Name: _______________ Cheers for a nonTexas football team: _______________ Name: _______________

Name: _______________

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