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Enhancement of Infotypes

Enhancement of Infotypes

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Published by: Ashok Kancharla on Aug 12, 2012
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Enhance an infotype with customer includes?
Wednesday, 04 June 2008 13:48 Mathieu Eylert

For specific needs, you may have to add some fields to a SAP standard Infotype. In this topic, we will add a test field in the infotype 0001. The field will be called ZZCOLLEGE, which will be a dropdown list linked to a specific table. 3 transport requests will be created: - for Workbench - for the customer include definition - for the specific table

I. First, you have to create the specific table and the related data elements (see the corresponding topic) :

II. Customer include structure creation Transaction PM01.

You will be forwarded to the transaction SE11 to add the elements to your customer include. we have to create an Entry help/check with the third tab : . we want to add just one field (ZZCOLLEGE) : In order to display a dropdown list with the values of the specific table ZHRPA_COLLEGE. In this example.

An entry is automatically added to the table T582C (Include screens for infotypes). Module-pool management (ZP000100) If you want add somme specific processes on the customer include's fields. check "module pool" and click on "Edit".We can now activate our Customer Include and go back to the PM01. III. You will have to edit the specific infotype's module pool (ZP000100) : .

ZPNNNN10 : Specific datas declaration .Forward to SE38 : This module pool allows you to manage the customer include's fields.ZPNNNN2O : Specific PBO modules . .ZPNNNN3O : Specific PAI modules .ZPNNNN40 : Forms. in PBO (Process Before Output) and PAI (Process After Input). There is a standard form called 'FILL_LISTSTRUCT' which is used to fill additionnal fields on the listscreen as defined by T582C-LISTSTRUCT IV. choose a screen number and click on "edit" : .MPPDAT00/FP50PPSB/MPPERS00 : Standard display management (do not modify) . Sub-screen management Check "Include screen".

Forward to SE51 (Screen Painter) : .

Create the related Input field . In .Check "From dict" if you want to read automatically the data dictionnary informations.Create the label zone .The first task to do is to create the field on the screen. . check "Layout Editor" and click on "change" to open the screen painter : . (it will be used in the flow logic of the screen).Choose a name "P0001-ZZCOLLETE".

You can now add some processes to the flow logic of the screen.this example. do not forget to set the groups. It will display automatically a dropdown list. the painter will see the Entry help/check linked to the table ZHRPA_ZZCOLLEGE. Example. we want call a specific module on the field ZZCOLLEGE to control his value : The module "ZZCOLLEGE" must be declared in the include ZP000130.If you want to manage the field in the table T588M. cause it's a PAI module which checks the input : . .

you are able to manage these fields with the view V_T588M : Last Updated ( Tuesday. 23 September 2008 14:27 ) .V. Customize fields with T588M If you have fill the group fields in the screen painter of your subscreen.

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