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This report has been prepared in order to depict the present condition of the canteen of Pulchowk Campus as well as some necessary suggestions for the change that can be applicable. The condition of the canteen is not satisfactory and not enough to meet the demand of the people visiting it. It is therefore the condition of canteen a serious problem throughout college and in past few months everyone has been taking concern about lifting its quality to utmost. The quality of canteen is degrading day by day so much that everyone has a concern about it. The improvements in the basic sanitation, hygiene, quality food and customers service are the most important matter that concerns everyone which are in very poor condition. Therefore the changes in these aspects would turn mutually benefit to daily customers and canteen management itself. The improved quality may however slightly increase the price of the canteen items but improved canteen system has a higher priority than its slight increase in cost and other factors. The canteen is limited not only to its staffs, students but also to each and every one outside college. Therefore viewing all these aspects the canteen quality must be raised to standards. And hence the improvement work must be taken immediately into account.


We must acknowledge our deep sense of gratitude to Department of Civil Engineering, Pulchowk Campus for their helpful suggestions and approvement of this report. We are grateful to all hostel students especially Mr. Santosh Shrestha for expressing his personnel problem regarding canteen. Thanks are due to canteen staffs for their kindly cooperation during our survey. We are also grateful to the Free Students Union of Pulchowk Campus for their help in providing us with the essential datas and suggestions regarding to the concerned subject matter. Finally we must not forget to express our indebtness towards all the person who directly or indirectly helped us with their valuable suggestion and ideas while preparing this report.


A canteen is a type of food service location within an institution in which there is little or no waiting staff table service. It is one of a significant body of an institution and it becomes particularly an important in case of education institution. This body not only functions as a place to serve foods for lunch or dinner but also a body to take care of students health. This is a place where everything must be perfect condition from food, serving plates to serving and washing. The mismanagement in any of the above aspect might cause a severe effect on the health of entire students, staffs and the whole college. The present Student Union Canteen in Pulchowk Campus has been providing its service since past decade. The quality and price of canteen after its establishment year has been found to be decreasing year by year. The reason may be due to lack of responsibility, proper management, and obvious high profit earning strategies. The system of canteen owner is passed by tender. A number of groups participate and appropriate and best group is selected for the job. In this report it is clearly shown the present condition of canteen, working procedures and a new proposal of canteen system to surpass the existing condition. The advantages and disadvantages of proposed system of canteen, estimated cost, furniture, etc. are well analyzed. In this report the current problems are discussed thoroughly, how students view their canteen and also their opinion about it. Here the necessary topics are also given to improve the present condition of canteen to make it improved system. The problems like detail menu system, increased canteen facilities, infrastructures, hygiene and a good management etc are sorted out. Some of these problems are prominent for students to cause less interest in canteen stuffs. Good health of students, increase in menu items, saving time of students by availability of required things in a single place, maintaining good canteen standard, appropriate food price etc. are some of aspects for the new improved canteen. Here the new features are also included which a new canteen shall have in future. The area includes canteen spaces, addition of required facilities, good training for staffs, cooks, good discipline for them, regular food quality check, decoration of canteen, safety measures etc. The redevelopment of the canteen is estimated to cost about Rs. 3, 25,000 i.e. Three hundred twenty five thousand Rupees. Thus, considering the above mentioned points a new improved canteen in future must be adopted which would be fruitful to all students, staffs and other customers.


1. Analyses: 1.1 Existing Situation: As far as the existing situation of the canteen is concerned one can easily say that it is in worst condition. The management is done in such a way that its performance is degrading day by day and it get low standard in compared to other restaurants within town. Thus there are a wide sector that must be improved which are discussed as under: 1.1.1 Menu The present menu status of canteen is not satisfactory. It has very limited menus hardly 5 to 6 varieties. The customers generally regular visitors like students and staffs have no selective option for food items. They are forced to have same food offered by the canteen whether they like or not. Moreover the food items remain same throughout the month and no changes are made even once a week. The quality of food items here is miserable, spicy and oily foods are prominent which doesnt contain sufficient amount of nutrients for healthy diet. On a few occasion the canteen is found to be serving even stale food. Present menu table: a. b. c. d. e. Bakery Chowmin Momo (veg and buff) Puri tarkari, samosa, chana, Fried rice.

1.1.2 infrastructures: The canteen at present is spacious but has less number of furniture. It remains quite busy throughout office time and at peak hour there is often big crowd and students must hustle to get food stuffs. Students often stand for a long time waiting for their turn and even they have to stand and have their foods. Similarly the condition of furniture is even worst. Their number is clearly less and plus their arrangement haphazard. One should be careful while sitting on the furniture otherwise his/her dress might get torn out. In summer season the canteen remains quite hot and there are no single fans provided. There are no proper ventilation provided and the smoke from the cooking engulfs the whole cafeteria. Utensils such as plates, glasses, spoons, forks, etc. are

limited and the case for drinking water is same. The water supply is not enough for all and the number of euro guards is only one. The foods are not so delicious as they seem to be but concern is that vegetarian and non-vegetarian food are cooked in same dish. The floor of canteen remains dirty and the windows most of them broken. 1.1.3 Hygiene: The canteen management doesnt seem to take care regarding the health of its customers. The kitchen remains dirty, the floor remains same and moreover the furniture too remains filthy. The food offered is not hygienic, it is more or less oily and over cooked or raw. The cook and waiters are not well dressed and their appereances shoes that they do not take care of their personal hygiene. As a result most of students are suffering from food poisoning, dysentery and other food related diseases. 1.1.4 Management: The management of canteen is worst of all. There are less number of staffs in every aspects, cooks, waiters and servers. The counter remains busy and crowded due to mismanagement. The food is not served in time and students either miss their class or leave their food. The tone of the staffs are also not well behaved, they speak and act rudely and sometimes often quarrel is seen between staffs and students. As a whole a good n well planned management officials are required to improve canteen condition.

Benefits of the improved system:

Everyone related to canteen will have benefits if the current canteen system is improved to standards. The students, teachers, staffs and outsiders would have pleasure of enjoying healthy appetizing food in pleasant and soothing environment. Time would be consumed for finding foods in a single place, variety of selective foods and many more. -Students would consume their precious time by finding all food items under single place. -There will be a number of choices for selection of required food. -The canteen would attract more and more number of customers which would enhance its economy. -The canteen would match the standard of college. -Increase in economy would foster maintenance, addition of infrastructures properly. -Students would remain healthy and free from confusion of food related diseases.

Proposed system:
The proposed system of mine will have a strong and dedicated management. There will be a supervisor who will be watching all activities thoroughly. Staffs shall be qualified in all aspects regarding cooking, handling, disciplinary actions, etc. and for this the supervisor will be monitoring their performance. There will be a suggestion box and suggestion of everyone shall be welcomed and a quick response shall be taken to them. As far as the environment of canteen is concerned it shall be made healthier and infrastructures shall be added. The menu items will be increased as per other restaurants and one should have plenty of choices to be made with food items. A separate system will be established for checking quality and maintenance of food. There will be separate system and places for bakery items, lunch items and dinner items. Each system shall be unique so that students dont have to roam here and there to collect food. There will be extra members in cleaning department to maintain neat and tidy floors, furnitures, and kitchen utensils. The arrangement of furniture will be made systematically so that no spaces are left free but it will be done so that there remains plenty of space for free movement of students and staffs. Hygiene will be primary concern to this new canteen system and thus good health of customers and proper environment is assured to all. The use of coloured plates, clean glasses, spoons etc. shall be used. For the system of billing coupon system shall be introduced and it will be maintained at the entrance will menu items above the counter.


The managerial chain of commands includes the selection or appointment of canteen staffs. It shall be according as flowchart below. The management members shall acquire following qualifications: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. The manager of the canteen must have completed minimum Bachelor degree in related field to handle the overcrowded situation. A food quality inspector, preferably a microbiologist or biochemist. The cashier with knowledge of computer for billing purpose. Chief of staffs. Cooks and helpers Waiters Cleaners

Flowchart showing the managerial chains of command:








Manager will be the head of the canteen and must be a commanding personality. Biochemist will be frequently be monitoring the quality of food. He/she shall take food samples occasionaly and submit report of it and according to which food quality shall be improved, the cashier has to deal with lot of customers and hence has to maintain the financial matters with ease and efficiency. The chief of the staffs will monitor the staffs in canteen and will supervise them. All the staffs of kitchen cooks, helpers cleaners and sweepers shall be well dressed and should maintain cleanliness of the canteen.

For the new improved canteen system, the estimated cost is shown below:

A. Case Study: i. Transportation ii. Gathering information B. Materials: i. Furniture ii. Utensils iii. Euro guards iv. Staffs uniform v. Fire extinguisher vi. Computer C. Construction: i. Flooring and tiling ii. Sinks construction iii. Washing place iv. Manpower D. Monthly wages: i. Manager ii. Biochemist iii. Chief of staffs iv. Cashier v. Cooks and helpers vi. Waiters vii. Cleaners E. Miscellaneous: TOTAL TOTAL (IN WORDS)




20,000/25,000/10,000/5,000/5,000/10,000/7,500/25,000/3, 25,000/THREE LAKHS TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND RUPEES ONLY

The study conducted on this topic clearly shows the existing condition of canteen which is in very poor condition. Hence a new improved canteen must be setup or the existing canteen must be renewed. Canteen plays a vital role in maintaining health of students and no one can compromise with ones health. Health is wealth of people, this slogan must be clearly understood by everyone. The continuation of same existing condition might bring a disaster in the college since healths of all students are related to it. The concerned body of canteen thus must take an immediate action for the control and establishment or renewable of improved canteen system so that a hygienic food is supplied to all students, staffs and people coming to canteen in a well-managed and healthy environment.

I would like the canteen management to go through following recommendations: Items in the menu should be increased so as to provide wide option for customer to select the food items. The items in the menu for two consecutive day should not be same. The canteen overall structures should be redecorated. Walls should be painted, floors should be marbled, windows glass should be changed, ventilation provided. Plants with soothing flowers should be planted and must be placed on different corners so as to make the place look natural. The number of furnitures should be increased and it should be arranged systematically. The management team should appoint supervisor to check and monitor all activities in the canteen. In a well sighted place the canteen should have a suggestion box to welcome variety of suggestions compliments etc. and take immediate action on them. The canteen should have clean lavatory and at a suitable distance from canteen. Prices of food items can be increased at a certain reasonable rate so that students can afford them and thus canteen can meet the standard of college.

Healthy Eating Pyramid


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Appoint: employ Biochemist: professional of chemistry of living organisms Degrading: reducing to low value Deteriorating: worsening Food poisoning: any illness resulting from the consumption of contaminated food. Hygiene : cleanliness as a means of preventing disease
Microbiologist: a person specialized in microbiology Nutritious: nourishing Qualitative: having standard quality Soothing: comforting, satisfactory, pleasant Spacious: having enough free space Supervisor: inspector