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Dating Disaster

Dating Disaster

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Published by Sinéad Moylan

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Published by: Sinéad Moylan on Aug 12, 2012
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Dating Disaster!

I had been Internet dating a while. Quite a while! Single for over a year and desperately overweight, my confidence was at a low ebb and i had been trudging through the free Internet dating sites in the hopes of finding someone. To no avail. The endless profile reading, chatting and messaging and patient sighs when dealing with the rather shall we say more “odd” members of the online dating community had wielded poor results and i had become very complacent about the whole thing. So when, we shall call him “Sean”, started chatting to me, i didn’t hold out much hope of it going anywhere. He was living very close to me, the other side of gort a couple of miles not far into county clare. I hadn’t been chatting to him long but i figured, seeing as he lived nearby and I had nothing to lose by meeting him, a chat and a coffee wouldn’t go a miss. It seemed relatively safe considering he knew people i knew and being from a small town, it would be easy for the guards to find should anything go awry! I didn’t realise my mistake in meeting him until i had been chatting to him about five minutes, or actually to be more accurate, he had been rabbiting on for about five minutes. He wasn’t handsome but not un-handsome either. He was by no means a head turner and it turned out, was rather vain. He talked a lot, asked very little about me and seemed completely uninterested in any reply i made. I was not even in the slightest attracted to him but because of the way i looked, at this point weighing in at 18 stone and 3 pounds, i figured i couldn’t do much better than him anyway and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. He may even have a personality and all this incessant talking my very well be nervousness. He averted his gaze from me most of the time, giving the

In his thick north Clare accent he began to speak. I had not been attracted to him. His opinion shouldn’t have meant anything to me. as much as I hated to admit . However. My mouth went dry. “I want you ta knaw tha’ APPEARENCE is very important ta me”. I was almost home when i recieved a text. A very odd thing to say but i gussed that a limited vocabulary is what brought that sentance out and made my excuses and left as quickly as I could. But i was fucked if i was going to let him say it to me. I decided to give him a chance. “Do ya knaw what I am trying to tell ya?” he went on. but out of fear that he would have the insensitivity to comment on the way i looked. He said “do you want to know what i was trying to say?”. At this stage even my low self esteem couldn’t bring me to find him in any way eligeble. Until…… He paused for a minute and then began to touch on the subject that i had hoped he wouldn’t. ”Well” he said “you can bring a horse to water……”. How could i get away from him before he went furthar? I maintained that i didn’t know what he was trying to say. I texted back “ok” The reply was as follows “I used to be very overweight too. It was from him. There was nothing redeemably interesting or charming about him. My heart sank. And ever since i lost the weight i have never been healthier or happier. Anyone i go out with needs to be the same” I was very upset. The time had been ticking on and although i was bored to tears listening to him. as tears streemed down my face and i broke into the uglyliest of ugly cries. looking me up and down. There was heavy empahsiss on the word “appearence” . sighing in relief that i had managed to get out of there before he insulted me futhar. Not out of any dissapointment that he wasn’t attracted to me.odd glance at me. I knew. I knew very well.

I haven’t lost as much as I had hoped but i am very much on the path to reaching my goal weight. wet faced and miserable. watch this space……. Sinead . I knew that as long as i was unhappy with my weight I would never find anyone. 16 pounds down and I am so much happier. no matter how large i was. If it was a case I was happy with my weight.it. his comments would have been water off the preverbial ducks back. How I could expect anyone to accept me the way that I was when i couldn’t accept myself. But standing there in my mothers kitchen. I could see where he was coming from. It’s slightly over a year later. I know the bollocks was right. but even as much as his words cut. I have a long way to go and probably a few more “sean’s” to cross my path. Watch this space sean……….

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